Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prayers Answered

I have been thinking a lot about the many prayers that have been answered lately.....a friend who needed husband to go to doctor and he has finally mom's heart attack and the stent they were able to place.....some new opportunities for that came in the mail from anonymous "friends" at our church after Harry lost his job recently.....being able to make it to church.....a test for someone dear to me going well and things are mild in disease......snow!  for me!....birds at the feeder...bluebirds in my bluebird house....being able to make gifts and prayer shawls for others.....a warm on our table.....loving friends....encouraging friends and prayer warriors on internet.....a peer group to attend where I am accepted and encouraged....thank you, God, Abba, for answering my prayers and those of others.  Thank you, too, for the times when you protect me and others by saying no!
Thank you for surrounding us with your angels of protection. 

 Thank you for blessing our children and their families.  Thank you for blessing us with beautiful daughters, sons, grandchildren!   Oh, how I love to spend time with them all !  Give them all a hunger and thirst for you. Show them your will and your purpose for their lives.   Abba, Daddy, thank you for Your Word to teach me and guide me.    Thank you for time to study the Bible with Harry each day.  Thank you for my internet friends and their love for you.  Thank you for those who pray for and with me.   Heal those I love who are sick and hurting.   Heal our finances.   Bless our home.   Show me who needs a prayer shawl.   Thank you for our church family and pastor.   Thank you for letting us fellowship and worship with them.   Thank you for the birds at the feeder and in the bird house.   Thank you for the snow!  how lovely it was!   You know how much I love snow and it was such a treat for my soul.   I love you and I hunger and thirst for you.   I long to know you more deeply.    Please give us the desires of our hearts.   Let me know you more deeply and closely.    let me serve you every day.   
In Jesus' Name, amen. 

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  1. What lovely post i try to thank the Lord every day at the beginning of my prayers but we can never thank him enough
    Hugs Janice


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