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We drove my mom to her cardiologist appointment today to followup after her recent heart attack and placement of stent in an artery that was 98% clogged!  She is doing quite well and was told to come back in 2-3 months but that she is to call if she experiences any more chest pains!    My mom is 78 and I know she won't live forever, but I want her to stay with me!  I don't want to lose my mom!  I want to go to her home in Appomattox and make us a cup of hot Earl Grey tea in her keurig machine (which she doesn't "know how to use", she claims--I laugh and say "You just want me to come and make you a cup of tea, don't you, Mama?" and she laughs and says "YeS!") and sit and crochet on a prayer shawl as we chat.   Please, God, protect and heal my mother.  I still need her.  Thank you. 
My mom-in-law, Dot Hall, passed away this summer after a battle for 3 months with cancer and a leg amputation.  I was able to stay at the hospital a great deal overnight and it was precious time to me!  We really got to know each other in a new way.....she told me that Warren, Harry's dad, would have loved me and she wished we could have known each other.   I wish we could have too!    Harry looks so much like pictures of his dad.   Aunt Sis always says that he looks just like her brother, Warren.   She lived to be 92 and would have turned 93 in September, but God called our angel home to Him.  She had suffered so much and slipped into a coma and was gone within a day.  I would go and rub lotion on her arms and face and legs just like I had done for the whole summer. She said it felt good.   She raised some great kids!  I am so blessed to have a beautiful family and in-laws!  My first family of in-laws was special too, and I am doubly-blessed!   
I wanted to share a pictorial journal of some of my family with you:  

My sister, Cynthia, Mama, and me celebrating Mama's birthday (I think her 75th)
This is my daddy with my oldest daughter, Erica Joy, in 1986.   Daddy passed away in 1996 at age 63 right before Thanksgiving.   I miss him!   Wish he and Harry could meet as they are so alike in many ways!   They would love each other, I'm sure.
My stepchildren:  This is Brandy Marie, at around age 5, she is
Harry's oldest daughter.  
Brandy is chaperoning Brownie Science Tryit Day at Sweet Briar College here. 

This is Daniel Ray Hall, Harry's oldest son, at age 5, and then here with his wife, Jessica Mash Hall, and their children, l-r: Layken Moore, Evan Hall, Jody Hall, Austin Moore and Cody Ray Hall (July 2010)

This is Warren Phillip Hall, at age 3; he is named for his granddaddy Warren "Earl" Hall;
and this is his wedding to Gina Maddox Hall in 2001.  

 This is Melissa Dawn Hall, at age 3, and then in 2011 with her daddy, Harry Hall.  She is the baby of the family!  

Mama Dorothy "Dot" MacDonald Hall w/us at our wedding on June 6, 2005.  She passed away August 2011 at age 92.  We miss her so much!  

Abigail and Grandma Rhonda snuggling in the cabin at Hungry Mother State Park in June 2011.

This is Abigail Faith Carter's 8th birthday...she is Melissa's daughter and Grandaddy and I made her birthday cake...he baked the cakes and made the frosting and I did the decorating.  I also crocheted the t-shirt dress she is wearing.   Isn't she cute? 

 The Hall family grandchildren in 1980...back row, l-r:  Karen Hall Ferguson, Keith Ferguson; middle row, l-r:  Brandy Marie Hall-Matson, Lori Hall, Kim Childress Welch; front row, l-r:  Phillip Hall, Pat Hall, Julia Rash Lawther, Daniel Hall

 Harry's sister, Carolyn Hall Rash, and his Aunt Alice "Sis" Burnett at dinner after Mama Hall's funeral...there was a powerful earthquake and everyone said that Mama was putting her foot down on last time!  lol

Wayne, Hall, Aunt Sis, Lori Hall, and other family members
Diane Hall Childress, Harry's oldest sister

TJ Rash, Julia Rash Lawther (w/Marisa Marietta Adair Lawther in utero), Brittany Rash, and Justin Lawther

Meet Marisa Marietta Adair Lawther, daughter of Julia Rash Lawther and Justin Lawther; she shares Great-Grandma Hall's middle name: Dorothy Marietta MacDonald Hall...what a doll! 

Kelly Childress and Pat Hall playing games on Ipad at family get-together at Wayne & Louise's.  

Harry, Melissa, Jessica, Daniel, Evan, Me (Rhonda), Abigail, Layken & Austin at Abigail's 8th bday party at Melissa's home in Marion VA 2011

Jessica & Daniel Hall, Layken, Grandaddy w/his look-alike grandson, Evan, and Austin on our front porch in August 2011

Austin and Layken Moore, our stepgrandchildren, with their birthday cakes that grandaddy & I made for them (Austin turned 5 in Layken 7 in June 2011)

Abigail w/grandaddy Harry Hall at Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA

Amanda Gayle (Above in red top)  got to see Jason who is serving in the US Army while he was in Myrtle Beach in summer 2011 and Alison (below in yellow top) got to see Jason while he was at Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville where she works as a sonography tech at the hospital...he is the "brother-they-never-had" instead of just a cousin and they loved spending time w/him! 

Ryan Michael Nash, Jason's son, came to stay w/his Aunt Christy and we went to Amazement Square together and spent a day having fun! fun! fun!    They are stationed in Missouri at this time and he spent a few weeks with Grammy & Pops. 
Alison & I helped my stepgrandson, Brennan Heath Dosher, color his first Easter eggs!  As you can see, he had a great time and so did we! 

This is Daniel's youngest son,Evan Hall, and he looks so much like Harry when he was little !!  so sweet!   

my sister, Cynthia, with her great-great-granddaugther, Samya! on her 1st bday, little doll baby

me w/Amanda Gayle, my youngest, and Alison Cara, my middle my girls! 

Melissa,  Daddy (Harry) and Daniel Hall--March 2011

My brother & sis-in-law, Allen and Jane Nash, Christmas 2011 at Mama's

 My oldest brother,Ronnie, and sis-in-law, Doris Lee Nash, Christmas 2011 at Mama's

My baby brother, Steven Nash, and girlfriend, Nancy, aren't they cute?????????  

My great-niece,Jessica and her baby girl, Samya, with her 1st birthday cupcake that Aunt Rhonda made for her!  

Brother-in-law, Wayne Hall; nephew, Pat Hall; my honey, Harry, and sis-in-law, Louise Hall laughing about "Mama settin' her foot down one last time to give approval for her funeral" LOL

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