My Fix with Children! 

Today, I was able to help my friend, Susan, who is an Extension Agent, present a program on handwashing/dental care to afterschool children.  It was just a one-hour program but it was so wonderful to be with children again!     They really enjoyed meeting "Mr. Microbe" and making their own personal "Healthy Habits Kit"--complete w/toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, tissues, stickers, hand sanitizer, handi-wipes, and sugarfree gum.   I am so thankful to get to spend even short amounts of time with children as it gave me a "fix with them" today!   I do know that it takes a lot out of me physically to even volunteer for this short period of time so I do realize that I really am "disabled" and unable to work as a teacher....makes me a bit sad, and yet, I am so thankful for the extra time daily to read my Bible and pray!    
Susan helping get everything ready for the children to put together their "Healthy Habits Kit".  


  1. I salute you for teaching the kids on how to have proper hygiene. It's a good start for them to learn how to keep their hands clean all the time, and how to clean their healthy habit kits as well. As they grow older, they'll know that every material or equipment must be cleaned and sanitized before they use it.


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