Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crochet, Sewing, and Painting! and more!

Crochet, Sewing, Beading, Painting, Gardening, Birdfeeding, and more.............
Native American beading taught to me by a friend....the daisy chain! 

Made this choker version for my daughter,Erica

 I actually got into some gardening and really had a blast with my flowers and herbs while watching the birds and squirrels from my swing on porch.............

My birdbath

Toilet tissue the patterns from Annie's

This crochet wreath pattern I found on (all free and printable patterns)

Melissa, my stepdaughter, chose pink and green and brown for the round ripple afghan I made her

I did these colors to match Abigail's the mix of colors..........

Strawberry embellished crochet-trimmed t-shirt dress.....pattern from Annie's Attic

loved the burgundy and black in Amanda Gayle's afghan for her first apartment (my baby girl!)

I made this shell stitch afghan and my assistant teacher drew all those framed bird pics for me years ago and they are my favorite artwork...she used colored pencils to draw birds in her own yard

trim around blankets and baby bottle covers! 

baby hat knit on loom

Crochet scarf made with sparkly ribbons.....Hook and Needle Kit of Month creation

Painted ocean scene on our bathroom walls after painting the bathroom walls a sand color....

I stenciled the vines on walls and did the curtains up and you can tell I'm INTO photography and pictures and scrapbooking too....................

I painted and made lighthouse using claypots and a solar light for top of it

Creative Woman kit-of-month birdhouse windchimes

Alison, my middle daughter, "Wearing" her wreath I made her.....and Erica, oldest daughter, is quite amused!! 

Sewing and applique with the iron-on web fusing for nephew, Ryan ..........he loved his new pj's


  1. You do beautiful crochet work & i like the beading as well
    Hugs Janice

  2. Thank you, Janice! Your knitting is quite lovely too!!! and your quilting!!!!


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