Friday, February 24, 2012

Positives & Negatives

 I am studying the book, "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow, and she suggested making a list of the positives in your life and the negatives.   So I am going to do it.

Positives in my life:
  1. I have a wonderful God who loves me and has an eternal home waiting for me!
  2. I have a terrific husband who spoils me and cares for me.
  3. I have 3 beautiful Christian daughters.
  4. I have 4 grown stepchildren whom I love.  
  5. I have the wonderful partners of my children and stepchildren to love and spend time with!
  6. I have 11 stepgrandchildren whom I love and adore.
  7. I have a beautiful home to live in.
  8. I have a caring church family.
  9. I have spirit-filled friends on internet and in person!
  10. I am able to crochet and sew and do other crafts.
  11. I have my prayer shawl ministry.
  12. I have my "notes of love" ministry where I send cards and notes and gifts to others.
  13. I have food to eat.
  14. I have doctors to care for me.
  15. My mom is still living and a joy to me.
  16. I was able to teach for 14 years in school.
  17. I have taught in church classes since I was 11 years old.
  18. I get to feed the birds and critters!
  19. I have Christian books to read and study.
  20. I am able to freely worship at home and in public.
  21. I have been blessed to attend wives' courses at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 
  22. I have been blessed to have many encouragers in my life!
  23. I get to encourage and help others daily, even if I am only able to pray for them or send a note. 
  24. I have been blessed with two sets of in-laws in my life who were like second parents to me.
  25. I have 4 brothers, one sister, and their families to love and enjoy and spend time with. 
  26. I can decorate cakes. 
  27. I can sing and praise God with my voice!
  28. I can write and spell and type well. 
  29. I have been privileged to travel to many wonderful places, among them:  Florida, Bahamas, New Mexico, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, the Eastern shore of VA, and more to come!   
  30. I get to go camping! 
  31. I was blessed to be a Metochai (Greek word for "Partner") officer, historian, while at seminary....I love taking pics and scrapbooking!  got to use it in  ministry!
  32. I have a warm heated throw for my ulcerative colitis pain.
  33. I have a Keurig coffee machine that I get to enjoy and share cups of delightful treats with my visitors!
  34. I had wonderful grandparents and got to spend a great deal of time with them, especially Granny Booth as she lived to be 95! 
  35. I have had many different people teach me so many lessons.
  36. I have a great Sunday School teacher and class to learn about the Bible together.
  37. I have been able to say "I need help" when I did.
  38. I have people who care about me and tell me that.
  39. I am able to read and enjoy books. 
  40. I am able to hear the beautiful sounds of my family and friends' voices and the birds and critters outside.
Honestly, I could keep on and on.....I didn't realize how blessed I feel! 

Negatives in my life:
  1. We have a broken relationship with one of my stepchildren which I pray about daily that God would mend the rift and bring us all together.
  2. I have ulcerative colitis which keeps me from working.
  3. Harry does not have a job at the present.
  4. We have to pay a lot of taxes again, even though we made less.
  5. I don't get to see my children, stepchildren, and grandchildren very often and I miss them! 
  6. Some of the people I love are unsaved.   I pray for them daily too.  I want to be a witness to them with my life.
Wow!  I honestly can't think of many negatives.  What a great exercise!  you should all give it a try!  
Hugs!!!!   to all my followers!  


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