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Review of The Maker's Diet Revolution

Review of The Maker's Diet Revolutionby Jordan Rubin
The Maker's Diet Revolutionis the long awaited sequel to The Maker's Diet that Jordan Rubin’s fans are ready for. Jordan will share everything he has learned in the years since he wrote The Maker's Diet, including:

Health and Diet Tips,Why our nation's food supply is compromised,  The importance of organic foods, Choosing the best water sources, Raising healthy children, healing chronic illnesses and much more! His Popular Health Myths and Truths, Jordan Rubin is a renowned natural health expert and NYT
Best-selling author of The Maker's Diet
MY REVIEW:   Jordan Rubin has taken great care to research both scriptures from the Bible as well as other health information in this book.   I find it very interesting and hope to attempt to follow the diet for health reasons as I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis.   I do wonder though what effect it will have on my system and he does offer some alternatives for those for whom…

A Ruby Christmas

Review of A Ruby Christmasby Jerusha Agen, Dianne E. Butts, Jennifer Fromke, Marji Laine, Fay Lamb, J. A. Marx, Ruth O'Neil, Phee Paradise, & Debbie Roome

Ruby Joy Buckner, cowgirl, has never left the Lone Star State, but at her father’s request, she takes her faithful canine companion and travels the world in search of Nativity pieces. As Ruby collects the pieces, she also collects a few unexpected surprises, including an awareness of the beauty in other cultures, and quite a menagerie of new friends, thanks in part to Yippee Ti Yi Yo who charms everyone they meet.

Ruby’s budding awareness of life outside Texas opens her eyes to a world of whimsy, and the Nativity pieces she collects are unusual. Will her father approve her eclectic collection … and the changes that travel brought to Ruby’s life?
MY REVIEW:     A Ruby Christmas is a very sweet, quick read about a father who seeks to give his daughter the trip her deceased mother had planned to take with her. Ruby Joy goes on a g…

Review of The Bargain

Review of The Bargain(Plain City Peace, Book One) by Stephanie Reed
It's 1971, and Betsie Troyer's peaceful and predictable life is about to become anything but.

When their parents flee the Amish, nineteen-year-old Betsie and her seventeen-year-old sister Sadie are distraught. Under the dubious guidance of a doting aunt, the girls struggle to keep the secret, praying their parents will return before anyone learns the truth--a truth that may end all hopes of Betsie's marriage to Charley Yoder.

Worse still, Betsie must learn a trade while she boards with a dysfunctional Englisher family: Sheila, a twelve-year-old desperately searching for a friend and in dire need of her mother; the free-spirited mother, who runs off to "find herself" on the stage; the angry father whose structured life crumbles; and Michael, a troubled college dropout nearly killed in the Kent State Massacre.

Thrust into the English world, Betsie must grapple with the realities of war and miniskirts, p…

Review of The Beloved Daughter

Review of The Beloved Daughter  by Alana Terry
In a small North Korean village, a young girl struggles to survive. But it is her father's faith, not the famine of North Hamyong Province, that most threatens Chung-Cha's well-being. Is Chung-Cha's father right to be such a vocal believer? Or is he a fool to bring danger on the head of his only daughter? Chung-Cha is only a girl of twelve and is too young to answer such questions. Yet she is not too young to face a life of imprisonment and forced labor. Her crime? Being the daughter of a political traitor. The Beloved Daughter follows Chung-Cha into one of the most notorious prison camps of the contemporary free world. Will Chung-Cha survive the horrors of Camp 22? And if she does survive, will her faith remain intact? "The Beloved Daughter" is Alana Terry's debut Christian novel and was a winner in the Women of Faith writing contest.
MY REVIEW:  I am shocked to learn that this is Alana Terry's debut novel as…

How I spend my time when I'm not reading.....

In case you were wondering, this is how I spend a good part of my time when I'm not reading......
Headband & legwarmer set I crocheted for gift
Baby sweater I crocheted

Boot cuffs done in turqoise and hot pink (top and below)

 Kitchen towel toppers and crochet dishcloths in cotton 
 another sweet baby set  UVA hat in orange and blue  Christmas/snow towels  diaper babies  lovey blanket for my new grandbaby to be born around 2/4/14  sweater and hat for my first grand daughter who will arrive near 2/4/14  yes, I do also decorate cakes for family and friends. I am very much an amateur but it's fun .....
 Me with my lovely middle daughter who is expecting her first baby !  A finished prayer of my favorite things to make and give.........
 my baby daughter, Amanda, and I even stopped for 9/28 to make her wedding bouquets and corsages
 my cute little niece modeling one of my cupcake hats........
 these were a popular item folks ordered for Christmas.....
isn't this…

Review of Christmas at Pebble Creek

Review of Christmas at Pebble Creekby Vannetta Chapman
This short story e-romance is an exclusive bonus from The Pebble Creek Amish Series by Vannetta Chapman. Fans of the series will enjoy this chance to briefly revisit Pebble Creek, and new readers will be introduced to an Amish community that is more deeply explored in the three full novels, A Promise for Miriam, A Home for Lydia, and A Wedding for Julia. As a bonus, this eBook also includes Amish homestyle recipes for chicken and dumplings, green beans, and fresh bread. Heavy snow blankets the southwestern Wisconsin Amish community as nineteen-year-old Grace Miller closes the schoolhouse for Christmas break. She’s looking forward to having extra time to help the family prepare for the holiday, and she is hoping to get a few more drawings in of the beautiful, snowy Pebble Creek landscape. Her courtship with Adam Lapp is going on six months, and Grace can’t wait to give him his present: a blue-and-brown buggy blanket she crocheted fo…

Review of Home to Pebble Creek

Review of Home to Pebble Creekby Vannetta Chapman This free short story e-romance is a prequel to The Pebble Creek Amish Series by Vannetta Chapman. Fans of the series will enjoy this chance to briefly revisit Pebble Creek, and new readers will be introduced to an Amish community that is more deeply explored in the three full novels, A Promise for Miriam, A Home for Lydia, and A Wedding for Julia. When Joseph Bontrager left Pebble Creek, all of Esther Schrock’s dreams and hopes for the future went with him. Bravely picking up the pieces of her broken heart, she resumed her life teaching at the schoolhouse with Miriam King. Now, nineteen months later, Joseph has returned. Despite her initial excitement, Esther feels anger rise up instead of love. Will she be able to forgive him for leaving? Forgive him for more than a year and a half of silence without a single letter? With Miriam’s encouraging words, and despite ominous clouds on the horizon, will Esther be able to replace the bitterne…

Review of The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters (Whoopie Pie Sisters #2)

Review of The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters(Whoopie Pie Sisters #2)by Sarah Price & Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell

A new trilogy by best-selling author of Amish Christian Romances, Sarah Price, and Helping Hands Press' own Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell. The first book immediately hit #1 in the Amish genre as well as an Amazon Top 100 within days.

In Book 2 of the series, readers will continue following the story of four Amish sisters who run Whoopie Pie Place, the best known bakery outside of Berlin, Ohio. Each sister has a secret that influences their lives and, unknowingly, impacts each other. Yet, little by little, the pressure of balancing their responsibilities of their daily lives with their individual secrets becomes harder to manage. Leah, Susan, Lydia, and Sadie need to decide whether or not to confide in each other in order to gain the support of their family. As secrets begin to be revealed, more problems ensue. Can Leah continue to hold the family together? Will Susi…

Review of Green Fever

Review of Green FeverMattie & Mark Miller in Double Trouble by Wanda Brunstetter

Welcome to Holmes County, Ohio, where twins Mattie and Mark Miller get a case of Green Fever. When their out-of-control jealousy begins to cause big trouble at every turn, will these energetic nine-year-olds learn the value of contentment before it’s too late? You’ll fall in love with the fourth release in the Double Trouble series from bestselling author, Wanda E. Brunstetter.
Double Trouble Series:
Book 1 - What a Pair!
Book 2 - Bumpy Ride Ahead
Book 3 - Bubble Troubles
Book 4 - Green Fever

My Review:   Mattie and Mark Miller, Amish twins are so refreshing and full of mischief and fun.  In Green Fever, they are also filled with a large dose of jealousy and they are warned by their elders that it could lead to a "case of green fever".   They don't want that!    Join the fun as Mattie and Mark decide how to spend the money they have been saving. What will they decide to buy for their two-seate…

Review of Christmas at Harmony Hill

Review of Christmas at Harmony Hill:  A Shaker Storyby Ann H. Gabhart
It is 1864 and the nation is still torn apart by civil war when Heather Worth discovers she is with child. She has been working as a laundress with her husband's army unit, but when the army gets orders to march south to Tennessee, Gideon insists Heather go home to have their child under safer conditions. Heather agrees, but returns home to another kind of devastation--deaths in the family and a father who refuses to forgive her for marrying a Yankee. With nowhere else to turn, Heather seeks refuge at the Shaker village of Harmony Hill, where her great aunt Sophrena lives. There, after many peaceful years at Harmony Hill, Sophrena is having doubts about her Shaker path. Both women are in need of love and forgiveness--whether given or received. With Christmas coming, can the miracle of new life fill their hearts with unexpected joy? Ann H. Gabhart's many fans will be thrilled to return to Harmony Hill at Chris…

Review of Huckleberry Hill

Review of Huckleberry HillThe Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series Book 1by Jennifer Beckstrand

In her parents’ estimation, LIA SHETLER is the most unpromising girl in her Amish community. As her dat often reminds her, she is too tall for most boys, and with her mousy brown hair and grossly scarred fingers, how can she ever hope to find a husband? With her family dismissing her as an old maid before she even reaches the ripe old age of twenty-four, her most important job is watching out for younger sister, Rachel, and seeing to it that Rachel marries well. That is until Felty and Anna Helmuth introduce Lia to their grandson, Moses, and she can’t ignore her racing pulse when he is near. Will Moses awaken the heart she locked away long ago?

At twenty-six, MOSES ZIMMERMAN, is a bit long in the tooth for a single Amish fellow. Three years ago, his fiancĂ© abandoned him and left the Church, and he promised her he’d wait for her return. But, his scheming grandparents make other plans. Moses …

Review of Christmas Romance, Volume 2

Review of Christmas Romance, Volume 2by Sharon Kleve, Marilyn Conner Miles, Addison James, and Julie Kavanagh

Four Stories from your favorite holiday authors. 

Brenda’s Christmas Desire - Sharon Kleve 
Christmas approaches and Brenda has to decide if she’s going to let the past hold her prisoner for another year or if she can finally enjoy what Christmas used to mean to her—love. DEA agent, John Smith knows the significance of December fifteenth to Brenda, but when the head of the Nuevo Cartel escapes federal prison he’s forced to let her face the day without him, but not quite alone. 

Can Daisy, a golden Labrador puppy, a huge sale on decorations at the hardware store, and a gift from her aunt restore her love of Christmas? 

MY REVIEW of Brenda's Christmas Desire:  Brenda has been without Christmas joy for too long and John Smith  and Daisy, the Labrador puppy, may be just the ticket to change all that for her.  This is a sweet Christmas romance......this is a 5 Star read!!!   


Review of Danika's Journey

Review of Danika's Journey by J. E. B. Spredemann

Danika Morales is devastated when tragedy strikes close to home. She is forced to move from her friends and beautiful home in sunny California to Amish country in rural Pennsylvania to live with her uncle. This surfer girl believes she'll never be able to adjust to a land-locked Plain lifestyle until she meets her new best friend. Still, being an outsider and of a different ethnicity, Danika faces many challenges on her journey to adulthood. Inspirational teen fiction - Approx. 100 pgs.
MY REVIEWDanika Morales has faced a great deal of loss in her young life.  Her mother passed away at birth along with the baby brother she delivered.  Her father then develops cancer and comes home to tell her that she must go to live with her mother's only brother in Pennsylvania when he passes away.  She begs him not to die and leave her and before he even has a chance to explain more to her, he takes his last breath!  She finds herself on …

Review of Joanna's Struggle

Review of Joanna's Struggle by J. E. B. Spredemann
Joanna Fisher is a typical Amish girl. She attends a one-room schoolhouse with her siblings in Paradise, Pennsylvania. She loves riding her horse, chorin' with her family, and spending time with her best friend, Chloe. But when something unexpected happens at a nearby mud sale, Joanna finds her perfect world turned upside down. Could one event change Joanna's life forever? Approx. 110 pages Teen Fiction

Joanna's Struggle, in the Amish Girls Series, is the first of several books penned by the author. The Amish Girls Series was primarily written for teen girls, but has been enjoyed by fans of all ages. Lovers of the ever-popular Amish fiction genre are sure to enjoy these books as well, even though they are geared toward a younger audience. The characters in the stories will soon become endeared to your heart, especially the mischievous Jonathan Fisher. 

Join Joanna and her friends as they grow up in Paradise and begin a j…

Review of Brenda's Christmas Desire

Review of Brenda's Christmas Desireby Sharon Kleve
Christmas approaches and Brenda has to decide if she’s going to let the past hold her prisoner for another year or if she can finally enjoy what Christmas used to mean to her—love. DEA agent, John Smith knows the significance of December fifteenth to Brenda, but when the head of the Nuevo Cartel escapes federal prison he's forced to let her face the day without him, but not quite alone. 

Can Daisy, a golden Labrador puppy, a huge sale on decorations at the hardware store, and a gift from her aunt restore her love of Christmas?
My Review:
Brenda has not been allowed to celebrate Christmas with a tree and decorations since the death of her parents. Her parents loved Christmas and everything about it. Brenda's friend, Corny, can hear pets speak and her ferret, Pete, tells her that Brenda wants a dog for Christmas. John is on a mission to fulfill her every desire for Christmas this year. Can a dog bring them together? Will she hav…

Review of Christmas Gift That Keeps Wagging

Review of Christmas Gift That Keeps Waggingby Jennifer Conner

Julian Barrows has his hands full working full time and being a single dad to his kindergarten, special needs son, Gabe. Gabe’s teacher convinces Julian he doesn’t need to do everything on his own and introduces him to a seizure dog trainer, Hanna Acker.
Hanna and her sister grew up without any ‘Christmas Cheer’. She’s trying to get her sister through college and doesn’t have time to let anyone too close, especially the handsome single dad with a kid.
But, Christmas has a way of changing what we thought we wanted… especially when Santa and an adorable four-legged ‘elf’ are involved.
MY REVIEW: This was a quick read and a sweet read!  who doesn't love a bit of romance thrown in with a pet?  Jennifer Conner features a trained epilepsy dog in this book.  It was a precious gift to a needy child and overwhelmed dad to meet this dog and its trainer!!!   Can love bloom?  Will Santa bring Cody(the trained epilepsy dog) to Gabe?   …