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Review of Christmas at Harmony Hill

Review of Christmas at Harmony Hill:  A Shaker Story

by Ann H. Gabhart


It is 1864 and the nation is still torn apart by civil war when Heather Worth discovers she is with child. She has been working as a laundress with her husband's army unit, but when the army gets orders to march south to Tennessee, Gideon insists Heather go home to have their child under safer conditions. Heather agrees, but returns home to another kind of devastation--deaths in the family and a father who refuses to forgive her for marrying a Yankee. With nowhere else to turn, Heather seeks refuge at the Shaker village of Harmony Hill, where her great aunt Sophrena lives. There, after many peaceful years at Harmony Hill, Sophrena is having doubts about her Shaker path. Both women are in need of love and forgiveness--whether given or received. With Christmas coming, can the miracle of new life fill their hearts with unexpected joy? Ann H. Gabhart's many fans will be thrilled to return to Harmony Hill at Christmastime for this stirring story of healing and hope.

My Review:   What a precious story of forgiveness and joy!   I must agree with Heather though....I would never be a successful Shaker as I would never be able to give my children away and allow someone else to raise them.   I was also shocked to read that the Shakers do not condone marriage and force the women, men, and children to all live in separate buildings.   What joy I would miss if I did not have my children close by as they grew up.   
Ann Gabhart has depicted the fear and anguish of the Civil War as well.   Gideon and his fellow troops endured great hardship to fight for what they each believed.   Family was pitted against family as the book clearly shows with Heather's brother, Simon, and her husband, Gideon, who fight on opposite sides of the same war.   I certainly have taken a great lesson from the pages of this book on forgiveness, joy in worship, and love of family.   
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. 

About the Author:

Ann H. Gabhart
Ann H. Gabhart grew up on a farm in Kentucky. By the time she was ten she knew she wanted to be a writer. She's published over twenty novels. She and her husband have three children and nine grandchildren. She still lives on a farm not far from where she grew up. She loves playing with her grandkids, walking with her dog, reading and, of course, writing. Her Shaker books, set in her fictional Shaker village of Harmony Hill in the 1800's, are popular with readers. The Outsider was a Christian Fiction Book Award Finalist in 2009. Her Heart of Hollyhill books are Small Town, America books set in the 1960's. Angel Sister, a Rosey Corner book set during the Great Depression, will be followed by Small Town Girl. Visit Ann's website or her two blogs, One Writer's Journal,, and the Hollyhill Book of the Strange, or her two blogs, One Writer's Journal,, and the Hollyhill Book of the Strange, www.hollyhillbookofthestrange.blogspo.... Giveaways several times a year.or her two blogs, One Writer's Journal,, and the Hollyhill Book of the Strange, Giveaways several times a year.

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