Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review of Courting Cate

by Leslie Gould

When Amish farmer Pete Treger moves to Paradise Township, Pennsylvania, seeking a better life, he meets sisters Cate and Betsy Miller. Both are beautiful, but older sister Cate is known more for her sharp tongue and fiery temper than her striking appearance. Betsy, on the other hand, is sweet and flirty--and seems to have attracted most of the bachelors in Lancaster County 
However, the sisters' wealthy father has made one hard and fast rule: elder sister must marry first, before the younger can even start courting. Unfortunately for poor Betsy, and for the men who want to court her, her older sister, Cate, doesn't have any suitors--until Pete comes to town, that is. 
Though he finds both sisters attractive, something about Cate's feisty demeanor appeals to him. Soon the other bachelors in the district convince Pete to court Cate. She hardly seems receptive to his overtures, though. Instead, she's immediately suspicious of his interest.
I can not say enough great things about Leslie Gould's Courting Cate.  This was a fun and new sort of take on Amish fiction.    I loved Cate and her spunky attitude.    I just knew that she and Pete were meant to be together from their first awkward meeting.    I did not feel so generous towards Pete's mamm,  Esther, however.  She grated on  my nerves and irritated me to no end.   But Cate handled that relationship in a unique and gracious manner also.   Grab a hot cup of coffee and maybe even a piece of vinegar pie and get to know Cate and her family.   I finished the book feeling hopeful and encouraged about relationships in general.    I love it when you finish a book feeling that all is right in the world because of the special new friends you have met between the pages of paper.   
About the  Author:
Leslie Gould is the coauthor of the #1 bestselling The Amish Midwife, winner of the 2012 Christy Award for Contemporary Series.  She holds an MFA in creative writing from Portland State University and resides with her husband and four children in Portland, Oregon.  Visit her online on facebook of at www.lesliegould.com.
I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.    

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review of Christmas in Apple Ridge

by Cindy Woodsmall

Experience the holidays with the Plain folk of Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania, in these touching novellas centered around love, romance, heartache, and restoration from best-selling author Cindy Woodsmall. 

The Sound of Sleigh Bells 
Beth Hertzler is unable to let go of a past tragedy, but when she discovers a large, intricately carved scene of Amish children playing in the snow, something deep inside Beth’s soul responds. Determined that her niece meet the gifted artist, her aunt tracks him down, but it’s not that simple – will Jonah be able to offer Beth the sleigh ride she’s always dreamed of and a second chance at real love?
The Christmas Singing 
Mattie thought her childhood sweetheart adored her until he abruptly ended their engagement on Christmas Eve. Brokenhearted, Mattie moves away and pursues her longtime dream of becoming a cake decorator, and even finds a new beau. But when Mattie is forced to return home three years later, will learning the truth behind Gideon’s rejection restore her Christmas joy – or open the door to even deeper heartbreak?
The Dawn of Christmas 
Sadie enjoys her freedom away from home and her mission trips to Peru, but after four years, her Old Order Amish family insists it’s time to come home and settle down. Levi, a bachelor who distrusts women after a family heartbreak, also has no desire for romance. To keep their families from meddling in their lives, Sadie and Levi devise a plan—but soon discover that the walls around their hearts are breaking down. Can they let go of their prejudices, learn to trust each other, and embrace a future together?

If you are like me and you're hopelessly dreaming of a white Christmas, read *Christmas in Apple Ridge* by Cindy Woodsmall.   Contained within one collection are 3 delightful Amish Christmas stories to warm your holidays:  *The Sound of Sleigh Bells, The Christmas Singing, & The Dawn of Christmas.*   You will follow the romancing of Beth and Jonah, Mattie and Gideon, and Sadie and Levi.  Add hot chocolate, Amish carvings, sleigh rides, and delicious fancy decorated cupcakes and cakes and you are ready for a White Christmas celebration in Apple Ridge.   This was a special collection and readers are sure to love it!
About the Author:

Cindy Woodsmall is a New York Times and CBA best-selling author of ten works of fiction and one work of nonfiction, whose connection with the Amish community has been featured widely in national media and throughout Christian news outlets.  She lives outside Atlanta with her family. 
You can connect with her at her website:  http://www.cindywoodsmall.com.  
I received a free copy of this book from bloggingforbooks and the publishers: Waterbrook Press in exchange for my honest opinion.  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Review of A Quilt for Jenna

by Patrick Craig

Amish + Quilts = readers delight! And in this first book in Patrick Craig's Apple Creek Dreams series, readers will follow Jerusha Springer's journey out of tragic circumstances to a new life of hope.

Jerusha has spent months making the most beautiful quilt anyone in Apple Creek, Ohio, has ever seen, and she knows it's going to take first prize at the Quilt Fair in Dalton. The prize will be her ticket out of the Amish way of life--away from the memories of her dead daughter and her tormented husband. But on the way to the Fair, she gets caught in the Storm of The Century and Jerusha's driver crashes their car. While the driver goes for help, Jerusha is led by someone, or something, to the side of a lost little girl. By the time the storm clears, Jerusha finds there is a greater prize to be won than money and blue ribbons.

A beautiful story of loss....and redemption. 

 This is the first book I have read by Patrick Craig and I enjoyed it very much.  He adds military service of one of the Amish youth to the story and this is the first Amish fiction I have read with this angle.    There is great sadness for Jerusha and Reuben when they lose their young daughter, Jenna.  God has a plan for their lives though, that even they can never anticipate.  A great and terrible snowstorm comes and Jenna is stranded.  She is not the only one who is stranded and in need of being found though.   I highly recommend you read this book to discover what happens to change life for Jerusha and Reuben.   I am looking forward to the second and third installments of this series also.  

About the author:

Patrick Craig is a lifelong writer and musician who left a successful career in the music industry after two albums on Warner Brothers Records and years of live performances in one of San Francisco's most popular music groups to follow Christ in 1984. He spent the next twenty-six years as a worship leader, seminar speaker and pastor in churches, retreats, seminars and conferences in the Western United States. After ministering in music and worship the last few years with his wife Judy to a circuit of small churches in Northern California, Patrick is now concentrating on writing and publishing both fiction and non-fiction titles.   You can visit Patrick's website at:  http://www.patrickecraig.com.
I received a free copy of this book from netgalley and the publishers in exchange for my honest review.   

Monday, October 22, 2012

Review of My Amish Childhood 
by Jerry Eicher

Jerry Eicher's books are among some  of my favorite reads and I was really excited to find this one.  Jerry tells of his years growing up in an Amish settlement in Honduras.    He suffered with stuttering and this created much anxiety and depression for him.  He also confessed to many misdeeds and mischievous and even, devious acts for which he later repented and apologized to the offended.    Never having traveled to Honduras myself, Jerry's descriptions were so vivid that I could easily envision the mountains and scenery.  
This is a wonderful historical account of one Amish group's experience.   It was very fascinating to me.   I think Jerry's father was a bit of a rebel and certainly pushed the envelope as much as he dared without envoking the wrath of the church leaders.   I highly recommend this book.   
 Bestselling fiction author Jerry S. Eicher (nearly half a million books sold) turns his pen to a moving memoir of his life growing up Amish.

Jerry's mother was nineteen years old and nine months married when he was born. She had received Grandfather Stoll's permission for the wedding because she agreed to help out on the farm the following year. However, with Jerry on the way, those plans failed.

Jerry recounts his first two years of school in the Amish community of Aylmer, Ontario and his parents' decision to move to Honduras. Life in that beautiful Central American country is seen through an Amish boy's eyes--and then the dark days when the community failed and the family returned to America, much to young Jerry's regret. Jerry also tells of his struggle as a stutterer and his eventual conversion to Christ and the reasons for his departure from the childhood faith he knew.

Here is a must-read for not just Jerry's fiction fans, but also for readers curious about Amish life. 

I received a free copy of this book from netgalley and Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.    

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review of Hope for an Aching Heart--

Uplifting Devotions for Widows by Margaret Nyman

While I am not a widow, I have experienced loss of a spouse through divorce.  There are many similarities.   Margaret Nyman never planned to be writing her book of devotions for widows when she married Nate.  They lived their busy lives, raising six children, and then relocating to downsize only to be hit with a bombshell:  CANCER!!!   Nate was diagnosed and only lived 42 days after his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer.     
Margaret has written beautiful, often painful, heart-wrenching devotions for widows and those grieving and those who are helping widows through their loss.   She uses scriptures and personal experiences to give comfort to those who are experiencing the loss of a beloved spouse.    She gives tips for how to adjust and shares things that were helpful to her and things that were not so helpful to her.   I think this book would be valuable for counselors, nurses, doctors, pastors, as well as widows and their families.  It will open the eyes to the hearts of those grieving around us.  
Margaret Nyman has a website with more comforting information:   http://www.gettingthroughthis.com

I received a complementary copy of this book from netgalley and Discovery House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review of Accidentally Amish

(Valley of Choice, Book 1)

by Olivia Newport

This is  my first book of Olivia Newport's and I was not disappointed.    I have read many works of Amish fiction and Accidentally Amish is factual and highly engaging!   I was caught up from the first moment and quickly began rooting for English Annie and Amish Rufus to find a way to bridge the differences between them.   I will leave that for you to read and see if it happens.
There are several conflicts in the plot which brings an element of suspense and mystery to the book.  There is Annie's business and Rick, the lawyer she formerly dated and her partner, Barrett, who are apparently attempting to steal the business from her. There is also the Amish family and the sister, Ruth, who has left the Amish world and the fact that her family won't speak of her.  There is also the contractor who is after Rufus and will stop at nothing to ruin him.  Annie wants to help and fix things for everyone, but can she do that? or can learn to rely on God to work things out for all concerned?     
Annie comes to love the simple life and the quieter pace.  The mountains of Colorado begin to reveal the beauty of nature to her that she was too busy to notice before.   How will these things change life for Annie? or will they change her at all?  This book left me with a warm, wonderful, peaceful feeling.   Thank you, Olivia Newport, for speaking to my heart.   
Description of Accidentally Amish:
To protect her intellectual property from her scheming partner, software creator Annie Friesen must act quickly. Running from fast-paced Colorado Springs, she lands smack dab in the middle of San Luis Valley’s Amish community. Rufus Beiler is having some problems of his own—his business is in jeopardy, his sister has left the Amish community, and now he has a meddling Englisher on his hands. When Annie discovers she and Rufus share a common ancestor, she’s torn between two worlds. Is her love for Rufus strong enough to make the drastic shift from high-tech culture to old-world Amish?
About the Author:
Olivia Newport has been married for her thirty years and has two children in their twenties.  They live in Colorado, the setting for this book.    
You can visit her website:  http://www.olivianewport.com 
I received a free copy of this book from netgalley.com and the publisher:  Barbour Books, in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review of Casa de Naomi

(The House of Blessing)

by Paula Rose Michelson

Fifteen-year-old Naomi wants to practice her faith in public, find her uncle, and help him raise enough money to bring their family to America. To accomplish this she agrees to companion a blind, old woman whose family plans to tour Europe and settle in the United States. Her plans are thwarted when the woman passes away aboard ship, and Naomi is handed over to immigration. While she awaits her interview, an old Ti­a comes to Naomi's rescue and offers to take her in. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Naomi agrees and unwittingly enters the country illegally. This is Naomi's journey from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation and captivity to the noble status of heiress with a mission and responsibility many would shirk placed upon her shoulders. Along the way, she contends with piercing memories, hurtful loss, jealous opponents, a devious lawyer, and a curious priest. Through each step of this journey, she guards two secrets she dare not share with anyone, not even Chaz, the man she has married. Will she keep his love when he discovers who she really is? Find out in the first book of Paula Rose Michelson's saga, The House of Blessing.
My review of Casa de Naomi:
Paula Rose Michelson is an extremely gifted writer.   I was a bit confused at times, but only because I did not know what was coming next in the book. Paula caused me to challenge and examine my own beliefs as I read her book.  The book had many twists and turns for Naomi.   I felt such sorrow for her as she was forced to hide the faith that is so important to her...the very reason that she came to America...seeking freedom and yet, she is immediately imprisoned in a strange situation.   I was afraid for her and I was so sure that she was going to be forced into prostitution or would be sold like a slave.    I felt joy for her when she married Chaz and then that marriage is in danger.   And then, the book had the nerve to END with unresolved issues!   I actually looked at the book and turned the pages and said aloud "no, it did not just end."  I will not spoil this for other readers, but I know I am now anxiously waiting for the next book.  This book revealed some things to me about those who have come to America for the  freedom of worship that I was unaware of and it hurt me that we would treat human beings in such a cruel manner.   You will be blessed by reading Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing.  
About the Author:
Paula Rose Michelson is the founder of LAMB Ministries, which helps women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of scripture, and prayer.   She leads a monthly writers group at Congregation Ben David in Orange, California, and serves with her husband, Ron, with Chosen People Ministries.  The mother of two married daughters, and grandmother of seven, when not writing, speaking, or teaching the effective use of scripture, you will find Paula researching her next book or meeting with friends.  
I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.   

Monday, October 8, 2012

Review of His Love Endures Forever 

(Land of Canaan book #3)

by Beth Wiseman

An unplanned pregnancy. An absent father. Can love really endure all things?

Danielle Kent is anything but Amish. Just her luck to fall in love with an Amish guy.

Now she’s 18, pregnant, and hopeful that the child’s Amish father—Matthew Lapp—will do the right thing and marry her. She knows Matthew plans to leave his Colorado settlement for a life in the Englisch world. But that plan never included a baby.

When Matthew walks away from her and their unborn child, she has nowhere to turn. Her unlikely friendship with Levi offers some comfort—yet they have so little in common. This wasn't the plan she had for her life, and she's never felt so alone. She doesn’t want to be pregnant. Doesn’t want to be Amish. Doesn’t want to trust God.

And yet.

God has plans beyond what her mind can imagine . . . loving plans to show a lost young woman that His love never goes away but endures forever.
My review of His Love Endures Forever:
         Beth Wiseman is such a delightful author.  I have enjoyed her Amish fiction and her Christian fiction which is outside the Amish genre.    The Land of Canaan series is a favorite of mine.     I quickly felt sympathy for Danielle, Matthew, and Levi.   I could see each of their viewpoints.   What is so amazing is that the Amish do forgive and even accept people, even those who become pregnant and are unmarried.   Danielle is faced with a difficult decision, but when others suggest she abort the baby or give it up for adoption, she refuses.   She plans to raise this baby and love it, in a way that she never knew growing up.  
        God has a plan for Danielle and her baby, just as He has a plan for each of our lives.  As I read, that is one of the main points that came across.   That is something that I am personally struggling with at this time and so this book meant a great deal to me.  It is a reminder to me that even though I don't always see what is ahead, God does, and He is working it all out for me; just as He worked it out for Danielle.    The Amish view each new life as a blessing, even in circumstances of a sinful conception.    That was another line that was repeated many times in the book.  I agree fully with that!   I believe this book would be appealing to young teenage girls as well as adults.  It might even be a good one to recommend to young people.    
       Forgiveness and healing broken relationships is also a theme of His Love Endures Forever.   I won't spoil the book by saying which relationships are broken.   Read the book to see if Danielle is able to forgive several important people in her own life.   Find out if Danielle discovers a personal relationship with God.   She has attended the Amish services with her "adopted mother", Martha, since she came to Canaan, but she does not KNOW him personally.    In fact, she is angry with God and thinks He deserted her.   This is one you do not want to miss reading!!    
About the Author:
 Beth is the best-selling author of the Daughters of the Promise series - Plain Perfect, Plain Pursuit, Plain Promise, Plain Paradise, and Plain Proposal. She is contracted with Thomas Nelson Publishers. Her new series--the Land of Canaan Novels--begins with Seek Me With All Your Heart, then The Wonder of Your Love. Seek Me With All Your Heart is the first Amish fiction book selected as a Women of Faith novel, and it is also the 2011 Women of Faith " Book of the Year". Beth's latest novel is a contemporary Christian fiction entitled Need You Now. 
Visit Beth's website at: http://www.bethwiseman.com
I received a free kindle copy of this book from booksneeze.com in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review of Raider's Vendetta

Karen Arnpriester

Charley knew what God wanted from her. She was willing to trust and obey as she protected the others in the bank. Then He would save her from her captor. There was no way she could have anticipated the rage that would be unleashed in response to her prayers and her faith in God.

Raider was desperate, hardened, and his past had set the stage for an insane game of survival and spiritual warfare. The vendetta was in motion and Charley discovered that she needed her God to provide extraordinary miracles to keep her alive.
My review of Raider's Vendetta:
            Karen Arnpriester is making me think of Stephen King in some of her amazing writing in this book!!!    This book is full of suspense, action, forgiveness, God's provision, and miracles.    In fact, miracles abound for Charley and her captor, Raider.   Raider is not overly fond of God and does not appreciate it when Charley prays or talks about her faith, and yet he can't seem to hear enough at times.  I was moved to tears at points in this book, and I was covered with chill bumps at the unbelievable miracles and signs of God's care and provision for the characters.  You will be surprised beyond imagination at how this book ends.  It is a must read!
            As I read, I thought of a precious young man who believes that the Bible is fantasy.   I can see how he might feel that way and many of the characters in this book share similar opinions.   I was thinking how I hope he will agree to at least read Raider's Vendetta and talk with me or other Christians about it afterwards.    I believe that reading this book will change lives!  
About the Author:

Karen Slimick Arnpriester,a graphic artist, wife and mother, lives in central California. She has four adult children, seven grandchildren and three dogs. Karen and her husband Don, made the decision to become foster parents, and are thrilled to be parenting two daughters. 
Karen looks forward to sharing her imagination and faith with you through her writing.
Visit her website:  http://www.anessiasquest.com
I received a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  

Review of An Autumn Wind in Walnut Creek

by Sicily Yoder

Martha Yoder was chased away from her close-knit Amish community because of a hasty judgment handed down by the quilting group. Guilt of her misbehavior during one night of Rumspringa, in which she conceived her daughter, Alice, makes her let the kid rule her house. 
However, when one of the judges at the quilting group passes on, she wills Martha her apple orchard, but there is a catch: she has to deliver a basket of secrets to women in her former Amish community, some of which were those that judged her over eight years ago. 
While Martha struggles to deliver the notes, she must make friends with the tenant farmer, Ray Miller, at the apple orchard, and he has a secret of his own...one that can change her and Alice's life forever.
My review of An Autumn Wind in Walnut Creek:
ohhh, wow, you will love this story !!! Martha was judged by the Amish Quilting Bee ladies and forced to leave her faith, family and community when she became pregnant during her running around years. The "ringleader" of the self-appointed judges follows Martha and moves to Kentucky also. She dies and wills her home in Amish country to Martha but she has more surprises up her sleeve. She has a basket of notes that Martha must deliver to people in the community.
Will Martha's parents accept her and allow her back in the family and community? Will Ray Miller love Martha and her daughter, Alice? (Ray is running the farm that Martha now owns the home attached to it!) What will the notes say? Will there be trouble or peace restored?
I enjoyed this book immensely. Autumn is my favorite season, and Sicily weaves it all through out the book with cider, fresh doughnuts, pumpkin whoopie pies, beautiful leaves changing colors, children returning to school, and more. This story holds many surprises and I do believe you will love them as much as I did!

About the Author:
Sicily Yoder grew up among Plain People and her uncle is a Plain minister.  She is a devout Christian and a foster mother.   She has written 30+ books.  You can check out her other books at amazon.com.   

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review of Unglued: 

Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

by Lysa TerKeurst

Raw emotions are those feelings we hide from others but take out on those we love most. We may exhibit patience and kindness when talking with the grocery clerk, a co-worker, even the difficult person at the returns counter; but, at home, sometimes the smallest, most trivial things set women off, sparking an angry word, cruel comment behind someone's back, or a flood of tears. All women experience these 'unglued feelings' at times, often when they least expect it. These emotions are not wrong, in fact they are God-given. However, our emotions should be indicators not dictators. Each experience is an opportunity to either fall back into patterns that make us wallow in guilt or chose more wisely and make progress. TerKeurst equips women with spiritual strategies to help them manage their reactions. It's one thing to tell a woman to control her feelings but a whole new kind of help to show her step by step how to let this situation work for her rather than against her.
My review of Unglued:
Have you had one of those days where you wake up, feeling good, and ready for the day....and then.....those big words!  Your kids are fighting, the dog chewed your phone cord, and your car won't start and you come UNGLUED?   I hate to admit it, but I have certainly had those days.     Lysa gives practical, spiritual tools in her book for women to use when these events cause to explode or say something unkind when we're just stressed   We don't actually mean those words.  Do you ever feel jealous of other women who seem to have it all together?   Do you ever have "negative inside chatter" going on in your head that cause you to come unglued?    Do you get to rest, truly rest, on your Sabbath?
Lysa encourages us to use scripture, prayer, examples from other godly women, and positive self-talk as tools in these times.     I definitely can relate to all of the situations in Lysa's book which cause women to come unglued.   I am a "work in progress" and "God isn't finished with me yet."   Read Lysa's book if this sounds like a book that you also need.     It felt like I was sitting on the porch swing having coffee with a true friend who cares about me and knows what is hurting me as I read.    

About the Author:
Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has led thousands to make their walk with God an invigorating journey. For over 15 years, her message has enabled women to:

Make the Bible come alive whenever you read it.
Discover how to develop inner peace and security in any situation.
Replace doubt, regret, and envy with truth, confidence, and praise.
Stop unhealthy cycles of striving and learn to love who you are.
Sense God responding to your prayers.

In the midst of her busy schedule, Lysa is an everyday woman who simply seeks to glorify God through her life and family. She and her husband, Art, reside near Charlotte, North Carolina, with their five priority blessings named Jackson, Mark, Hope, Ashley, and Brooke.
Visit Lysa at her websites:   http://www.lysaterkeurst.com and http://www.Ungluedbook.com.
I received a free copy of this book from netgalley.com and the publisher, Zondervan, in exchange for my honest review.   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review of Second Chance

by Eileen Hinkle Rife

Mave Robertson, a recent empty nester, wants the fire back in her marriage, but her husband, Jerry, remains aloof. Is he having an affair? A midlife crisis? When a neighbor suggests she “get a life,” Mave accepts the challenge and volunteers at an inner-city teen ministry where she's thrown into a culture of drugs, gangs, and unwed teen moms. She soon discovers someone she can help, but might he also be the cure for both her stale marriage and her crumbling relationship with her father?

Dareece Jackson, a teen from the projects, wants something in Mave’s purse…and he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

My Review of Second Chance:
God certainly has a plan in what He has me read.  I am 50 years old and feeling very lonesome, sad, and useless in my "empty nest".   This book arrived a good while ago and it got pushed far underneath a piece of furniture and I discovered it last week.    As I began reading, I thought to myself....wow!  A lot of what Mave is experiencing is quite similar to my life right now.   
Mave is grieving the years when her two children were home, and she is urged to do something to "get a life" by her friend, Trish.   She happens upon Second Chance Ministries and discovers her calling when she teaches Creative Writing to troubled teens.   She has issues with her own father, who is in a nursing home due to his Alzheimer's.    Dareece helps her and her husband, Jerry, as much as she helps him.    
Trish leads a Bible study in her home on Song of Solomon and Mave attends.    Trish encourages the ladies to accept The 21-Day Romance Challenge to improve their marriages.   This "Challenge" is included in the book at the conclusion as well as the Song of Solomon Bible study.    
This book truly moved me.   I think that is because it touched so "close to home" for me at this point in my life.    There is encouragement to minister in some way as well.   You don't have to be in your "Empty Nest Years" to enjoy this book.    I am already planning to share it with my 79 year old mother as I think she will thoroughly enjoy it too!  
About the Author:

Eileen Hinkle Rife is a veteran homeschool mom and author of several nonfiction books, as well as the Born for India fiction triology---Journey to Judah, Restored Hearts, and Chosen Ones (OakTara).  Her byline has appeared in numerous magazines, including Marriage Partnership, Light & Life, Mature Living, On Mission, Discipleship Journal, and Christian Home & School.  She and her husband, Chuck, conduct marriage seminars and speak on a variety of topics for church groups and organizations in the states and overseas.   Eileen is currently working on her fifth novel, Laughing with Lily.
I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.