Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review of An Autumn Wind in Walnut Creek

by Sicily Yoder

Martha Yoder was chased away from her close-knit Amish community because of a hasty judgment handed down by the quilting group. Guilt of her misbehavior during one night of Rumspringa, in which she conceived her daughter, Alice, makes her let the kid rule her house. 
However, when one of the judges at the quilting group passes on, she wills Martha her apple orchard, but there is a catch: she has to deliver a basket of secrets to women in her former Amish community, some of which were those that judged her over eight years ago. 
While Martha struggles to deliver the notes, she must make friends with the tenant farmer, Ray Miller, at the apple orchard, and he has a secret of his that can change her and Alice's life forever.
My review of An Autumn Wind in Walnut Creek:
ohhh, wow, you will love this story !!! Martha was judged by the Amish Quilting Bee ladies and forced to leave her faith, family and community when she became pregnant during her running around years. The "ringleader" of the self-appointed judges follows Martha and moves to Kentucky also. She dies and wills her home in Amish country to Martha but she has more surprises up her sleeve. She has a basket of notes that Martha must deliver to people in the community.
Will Martha's parents accept her and allow her back in the family and community? Will Ray Miller love Martha and her daughter, Alice? (Ray is running the farm that Martha now owns the home attached to it!) What will the notes say? Will there be trouble or peace restored?
I enjoyed this book immensely. Autumn is my favorite season, and Sicily weaves it all through out the book with cider, fresh doughnuts, pumpkin whoopie pies, beautiful leaves changing colors, children returning to school, and more. This story holds many surprises and I do believe you will love them as much as I did!

About the Author:
Sicily Yoder grew up among Plain People and her uncle is a Plain minister.  She is a devout Christian and a foster mother.   She has written 30+ books.  You can check out her other books at   


  1. Thanks for the nice review and post, Rhonda.

  2. New book, new author for me. Thanks for the introduction!


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