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Review of Christmas Romance, Volume 2

Review of Christmas Romance, Volume 2

by Sharon Kleve, Marilyn Conner Miles, Addison James, and Julie Kavanagh


Four Stories from your favorite holiday authors. 

Brenda’s Christmas Desire - Sharon Kleve 
Christmas approaches and Brenda has to decide if she’s going to let the past hold her prisoner for another year or if she can finally enjoy what Christmas used to mean to her—love. DEA agent, John Smith knows the significance of December fifteenth to Brenda, but when the head of the Nuevo Cartel escapes federal prison he’s forced to let her face the day without him, but not quite alone. 

Can Daisy, a golden Labrador puppy, a huge sale on decorations at the hardware store, and a gift from her aunt restore her love of Christmas? 

MY REVIEW of Brenda's Christmas Desire:  Brenda has been without Christmas joy for too long and John Smith  and Daisy, the Labrador puppy, may be just the ticket to change all that for her.  This is a sweet Christmas romance......this is a 5 Star read!!!   

Holiday Heart - Marilyn Conner Miles 
Christmas. It’s that time of the year again again and Brenda is alone, as usual. Everyone she knows is paired up except her. And now, she has to go to a wedding and pretend to be happy. 

But, even worse, her ex-boyfriend will be there. It’s been six years since they broke up and she hasn’t seen or heard from him since. How will she handle seeing him again—especially if he has another woman on his arm? 

My REVIEW of Holiday Heart:   Brenda meets up with a long lost love at a wedding and sparks start to fly!  Will they find love again or is that an impossible dream?   This is another 5-Star quick read romance !   
Christmas Glove - Addison James 
Leila Simmons must find one last Christmas present – for the wonderful man she’s been dating for the past three weeks. But what to get him? And the mall is closing early for a storm is coming. Can she find the right gift in time? Will he like it? Advice comes from an unexpected source in the nick of time. 

MY REVIEW of Christmas Glove:  Leila is searching hard for a gift for her new boyfriend when she meets a delightful elderly widow who gives her some good advice.  Will the gift make the grade or fall flat?   Read this 5-star romance to find out!

The Bodyguard - Julie Kavanagh 

Gwen is a highly successful Romance writer but runs her life with precision until she is left in the charge of Rob Denning, a driver/ bodyguard for a weekend. She is determined to continue her life in her usual manner which means what she says goes. 

He is equally determined to keep her under his control, which means he gets his way. Although Gwen is frightened by the appearance of unexpected envelopes, she is single-minded when it comes to dealing with them. Rob is tall, handsome and very stubborn, and once he sees fear in Gwen’s face, he know he must protect her. 

Rob begins to crawl beneath Gwen’s intense protection to discover her vulnerability and she, in turn, finds the perfect man in the bodyguard she hates. Gwen realizes that love can exist outside the pages of her romance novels but will Rob see beneath the bad-tempered facade Gwen uses to shield herself from the world and save her from the danger she refuses to admit to? Can they uncover enough to commence a love to last forever or will the past force them apart?

My REVIEW OF The Bodyguard:   Gwen is a cold, hard author of romance novels and she is certainly treating Rob Denning with the ice treatment !  He may just cause her to thaw. This novel does have a few curse words, just to alert readers, not that the novel was reviewed in a negative light based for that.    This is another 5-star Christmas romance!   

I enjoyed the entire volume so much that I read them all within 12 hours, and did not want to stop to do anything else but I had to do a few things to get ready for the holidays. I love the fact that you can carry these author's books along and read a little bit at a time if you like while getting the gifts wrapped, food bought, and decorations up.  I highly recommend this volume of Christmas Romance.  I purchased this book from amazon while it was on special: free!   I hope you got a copy and if you didn't, get one and curl up with a hot peppermint coffee like one of our characters likes to do.   Read to find out who!  

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