Monday, February 13, 2012

Prayer Shawls

Giving up teaching for health reasons was a difficult decision for me.   It was one which required a great deal of prayer on my part.    I felt I had lost my purpose in life.   Teaching was my calling from God....what would I do now to serve Him???  
       Then I met a young college student in the hospital and she was carrying a prayer shawl with her.  She told me how some folks in her church crocheted prayer shawls for their college students and how much this prayer shawl meant to her.   After talking with her, I told her that she had given me an idea.....a purpose.    I felt God leading me to crochet prayer shawls and give them to others who needed encouragement.  
       My first one went to a precious lady who is battling cancer but also ministers to others in the midst of her own trials.   Then a former student lost her mother and I was led to create one for this sweet young lady as she grieved and mourned.   I have a dear friend who works in our Center for Recovery and Wellness and helps others every day while fighting her own illnesses.  She was so tickled to get it as she said her mom had been given one by their church and she was envious!   On and on.....God just lays names of people on my heart and as I crochet, I pray for the recipient.  I pray for healing, for peace, for joy, for love, for contentment, and so much more.   I pray and stitch and pray and stitch.    
      Who gets the blessing?  oh, I feel that I get more blessing from the creating of the prayer shawl than anyone can ever imagine.   I know why God loves a cheerful giver, because in giving to others, we truly receive a blessing ourselves.   

These pictures show a few of the prayer shawls which I have crocheted and prayed over and given to dear precious friends.   


  1. This is amazing. God is certainly using you. I heard something similar once, it was reading through the Bible with a particular grandchild in mind, praying for them and inserting their names, then giving it to them later. The woman had done it for each of her grandchildren. But the prayer shawl is love wrapped in a hug. Thanks for following your heart.

  2. I just love your shawls you do beautiful work
    Hugs Janice

  3. Dianne, what a neat idea! I love it!!!! Please become a follower of my blog. Are you an author? Would love to review your books here.....Just bought my first one the other day! of Dianne Christner's.....

  4. Janice, thanks ! your knitting and quilting is equally lovely! I am following your blog too!

  5. Your shawls are beautiful. I too crochet prayer shawls and give them to random people. Most all the people are thrilled to have them. God Bless you with this ministry.

  6. Debbi, Thank you! I have been giving them to people that God lays on my heart. They all appreciate them too! So how do you choose your random people? do you just walk up to them with the prayer shawl? interesting idea!


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