Friday, February 17, 2012

Please God bless my.......

Please God bless my friends and family this day.   Touch each of their lives and hearts.  Give them a desire to draw close to you.   Heal them of any illnesses.   Give them the desires of their hearts.    Comfort, strengthen, and uplift them.   Thank you for their presence in my life.   If any of them don't know you, convict their hearts, Father. 
Thank you for my precious husband, children, stepchildren, and all the stepgrandchildren.  Thank you for Harry's support and love of me.   Thank you for my dear mother and thank you for saving her from her recent heart attack.  I'm not ready to lose my mother, Father.  Thank you for being with us thru this time.   Thank you for my sister, brothers, sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins.   Keep your angels as guards around each and everyone of them!   Family is so important and I'm thankful you made families!!    You thought of everything we would need when you created us and the world. 
Thank you for the birds (I love watching them at my feeders and in bird house!), the flowers, ocean, mountains, SNOW (send me some, please, I've got my sleds and tube ready!), rain, sunshine, trees, homes, food, and love!   Father, I revel in all your creation and I am so thankful for my eyes to see them, ears to hear the sounds, hands to feel and touch, and tongue to taste the bounties of your creation.    There are people who are not as fortunate as I am.....they don't have a home, some don't have food or clothing.....Father, please send someone to help them!!   Let them come to our church's clothing closet and receive food baskets from our food pantry.    I am so thankful for my warm bed to lie in and the delicious Amish-baked light rolls we enjoyed with our dinner.   I am thankful for hot coffee and tea.    I love sharing it with my family and friends.  
I am also so so thankful for Harry and all the things he builds and designs for us to enjoy!   My porch swing is one of my favorites, Lord.  You have blessed him with talent to build and design.   Thank you that he uses it!  
I am thankful for my church and church family!   I love to hear Pastor Jim Freeman preach and our talented musicians lead us in praise hymns!   I love studying the Bible with our friends in Sunday School and on Wednesday mornings.  Please give my body healing and strength to make it to the services.   I miss it when I'm not there to fellowship with other Christians and to worship YOU! 
I am so thankful for  a sense of humor!   I love that you laugh with me!   I love that my daugthers have amazing senses of humor too!   Thank you for blessing me with Erica, Alison, and Amanda..   Allowing me to be their mother is one of the greatest blessings that I have ever known.   I know that I made many mistakes but please let them forgive me and love me still.   By the way,  I know it is bragging, but I think that you created some really beautiful children using my DNA!!!  :)  
Thank you for bringing stepchildren to my heart.   Father, I love getting to know them and spending time with them.   Please bring reconciliation with those who do not care to have a relationship with us.  Thank you for the delight that Daniel, Phillip, and Melissa bring to us!   Bless them all and bring joy to their lives!!!  I'm sorry for any hurt that has come between any of us and ask that you would bring healing and forgiveness, Father.  
Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for giving up your place in heaven to come here and live as a human and die on a cross for me.  Wow!  YOU love me that much!   I can only imagine what heaven will be like, and I look forward to worshipping you for all eternity.  
Please bring peace to our country and world.  We have precious young men and women who are serving our country this moment as soldiers.  They place their lives in danger for us.  Please put your hedge of protection around them and their families.  I especially ask you to bless Jason, Jenn, Ryan, and Kaydence; Roger, Jay and his troops & katie and Michele, Brandon and Andrea Hewett, Jeff, Karen, Hallie & Justin!   Our world is a mess right now, Lord, please let our nation fall on its knees and worship you.  
Bless Dr. Shelia Isom and her ministry.  She has blessed Harry & I so many times and in so many ways.   Give her rest and relaxation this week on her trip with family.  
Bless all my Amish Living family.  Touch their hearts and lives.  Give them healing and strength and mercy.   Thank you for bringing them to my life. 
I love you!  I hunger and thirst for you.  My soul pants for you.   Thank you for giving me the gift of time to study your word and to pray every day.     How do you never sleep, Father?  how do you watch over each and every human being in the world all at once?   How do you know exactly what we need?   How are you so wonderful, so amazing, so magnificient that my words are not truly adequate to praise you?  
Please Father, heal our finances and give us the desires of our hearts.   Bless Harry & I and our home.   Give us a ministry and way to serve you by serving others.  Show us your will for our lives.   Fill us with your love. 
In Jesus' name, Amen.

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