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Waiting for Morning Book Review

 Waiting for Morning review 
by author, Karen Kingsbury

I've done it myself.....when someone I love has been late arriving home, I've gone over and over it in my head.  I have imagined them being killed, in a car accident, kidnapped, injured, and yet, never ever really thinking it will happen.  Hannah experiences it when Tom takes the two girls for their annual camping trip before they must head back to school.    They are late arriving home and Hannah begins to worry. 
 In the meantime, a man Hannah has never met has been sober three weeks when his boss comes in and fires him.  Brian Wesley tries desperately to make it home to his wife, Carla, and little Brian, Jr. without making a stop by a local bar.  He fights it with all that he has within him and then, he just can't take it anymore.  He makes a big mistake and goes into the bar and starts ordering and drinking. Two hours and probably fourteen beers and whiskeys later, he hits the road....right about the same time that Dr. Tom Ryan, Alicia, and Jenny leave the campground to head home to Hannah.   
No, no, no, Jenny, looks up, and doesn't even have time to scream when she sees Brian's car heading straight for them.   Alicia is killed on impact!   Tom is alive and barely hanging on when help arrives.  Jenny is injured and lying on the ground, crying out for her daddy and sister.  No one wants to tell her the truth.  
The police drive to the door to tell Hannah Ryan in person and to take her to the hospital.  She insists they are wrong...lying...mistaken..and that she is perfectly capable of driving herself.   The nightmare is only beginning. Hannah and her family have lived a strong-faith-based existence, and now Hannah is doubting all of it.   She gets involved with MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and becomes all consumed with putting the creep who killed her beloved husband and oldest teenage daughter in prison for life.  She shuts out poor young Jenny, who begins to wonder if she even belongs on the earth.    
This book is ultimately one of hope, but I will admit that the first few chapters were difficult for me to read because they were so painful.   They hurt.  I could truly feel Hannah and Jenny's pain, and even Brian's.   My own family has many who have struggled with alcoholism so it hit home.   I am glad that I continued reading as it truly is a beautiful book.   Karen Kingsbury finishes with discussion questions for book groups.  Read this book yourself and feel the power forgiveness can have over us.  
5 Stars!!   
About the Author

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America’s #1 inspirational novelist. There are more than 20 million copies of her award-winning books in print, including several million copies sold in the past year. Karen has written more than 50 novels, ten of which have hit #1 on national lists. 
Karen has a true love for her readers, and she has nearly 250,000 friends on Facebook along with 20,000 followers on Twitter. The popular social networking sites have allowed Karen daily interaction with her reader friends.
Karen's latest novel, Longing, released on November 22, 2011 and landed in the # 2 spot on the New York Times Bestsellers List during its first week of release. Karen's previous novel,Leaving released on March 22, 2011.  Leaving landed #2 on the New York Time's Bestseller List the first week it released. Her novel, Unlocked released October 12, 2010 and landed #3 on the New York Times Bestsellers List! Above the Line, Take Four released June 23, 2010. This was the final installment in the Above the Line Series. Take Four rose to the # 5 spot on the New York Times Bestseller's List just one week after it was released.  
You can find more information about her at her own website:  
I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press,, in exchange for my honest review.  
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