Sunday, June 10, 2012

Her Restless Heart book review

Her Restless Heart by Barbara Cameron
Stitches in Time series book 1

How many of us have questioned the existence we've known since birth?  how many of us have wondered where we belong?  where we fit in?  Mary Katherine has grown up in the Amish faith and culture, but she has an Englisch friend, Jaime, and a young man from Pinecroft, Florida, who are giving her pause to question.   She feels restless and unsure of where she belongs.  The bishop is constantly asking her when she is going to  join the church and she does not have the answer yet.  Her grandmother knows of her grand-daughter's restless heart and asks her to come and live with her and work in the shop she runs, Stitches in Time.  Things are not so great at home with Mary Katherine's father and this gives her a chance to focus on the weaving and designing that she loves.   Her long-time friend, Jacob, is interested in her and wants answers from her as well, but he is willing to give her time to figure things out.  
You will want to read this book to find out what decisions Mary Katherine makes and how she satisfies her restless heart.   I enjoyed this book of Barbara's immensely.  I love reading about the weaving that Mary Katherine engages in and her designing of patterns.   I also love that the cousins are busy knitting baby caps and quilting.    There is always a good cup of tea with grandmother along with a chat from the heart.   Barbara shows the very human side of the Amish in her book.  Many of us have wrongly assumed that all Amish simply join the church without an inner struggle and it is refreshing to see the decision-making here.   
So grab a nice cup of tea and have a seat and enjoy Her Restless Heart.  
About the Author
Barbara Cameron is the author of 24 fiction and nonfiction books and three nationally-televised movies.  She was the winner of the first Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award.   
You can find more information about her work and life at her website:


  1. Rhonda,

    Thank you for such a lovely review! I am so glad you enjoyed Her Restless Heart!


    1. Thanks, Barbara, I'm looking forward to the next one in the Stitches in Time series! Beautiful book!

  2. i would love to read this book! how did u get a copy? is it already available?

  3. Great review....I can't wait to read this book....Thanks.

  4. It is a great book, Jackie! enjoy

    Plaingrl, I actually won my copy in a contest Barbara had on facebook. It should be available for purchase at soon, if not already.


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