Monday, June 11, 2012

Spending time with God daily

Spending Time with God Daily
This image of Jesus is one as depicted in the book: "Heaven is for Real"
This is taken from my Joyce Meyer's "The Everyday Life Bible" reading: she adds notes to scripture and thought how appropriate this one was for the talk we had here about technology recently on Amish Living:
In the Old Testament, the ark of the covenant represented the presence of the Lord.  I cannot stress enough how much we need God's presence in our lives--in fact, we need His presence more than we need anything else.
When God called Moses to tell Pharaoh to let God's people go, Moses was scared and insecure about his lack of abilities. But God said to him, "I will surely be with you" (see Exodus 3:10-14). Later God told Moses, "My presence shall go with you: and I will give you rest." (Exodus 33:14).  I love Moses' reply:  "If your presence does not go with me, do not carry us up from here!" (Exodus 33:15).  In other words, "God, if you're not going to be there, don't send me!" That's exactly the way I feel when I start to minister to others.
We need to really understand the awesomeness of the presence of God nad the magnitude of what is available to us as believers if only we will take the time to be in His presence!   why in the world would we not want to spend time with God? we spend time on the telephone, we hang out in the shopping center, we spend hours in front of the television--and we seem to have no problem investing our time in those pursuits.  The truth is this:  The devil fights us more in the areas of spending time with God than he does in any other area of our Christian lives. In fact. Satan would much prefer that we get involved in all kinds of religious activity rather than spend time with the Lord.

There is only one way I know to maintain the anointing on my life, and that is by spending time in the presence of god. You may be wondering, But what do I do when I spend time with God?  You simply set aside  a portion of your time for that purpose.  Try not to be legalistic about it, but do try to be as regular with it as you can. During that time period, read the Bible and Christian books that minister to you. Talk to God. Sometimes you may want to listen to Christian music and worship;  other times you may want to sit there and enjoy the silence.  If you will do that, you will begin to feel and sense the presence of the Lord!  

I want to comment here as I feel it is so important to listen to God.  I have used a prayer journal recently and really find that it helps me to focus my time with God.  It also helps me to go back and see where God has answered my prayers!   That is always so encouraging!  I know that for many many years, I spent as a pastor's wife, I was busy, busy, busy DOING things in the church....yes, teaching is important! missions  is important!  preaching is important!  but if we don't spend time with God, knowing Him for who He is, He can not speak to us as easily.    I treasure my time with God and I must admit that it took some unfortunate events to really cause me to seek daily time in His word again.  When work became stressful, I began spending my lunchtime with my peanut butter sandwich and my Bible at my desk.  I finished reading through the Bible this way and then continued to do it again and again.    Then when I became so sick that I could no longer work and had to retire and go on disability, my time with God was expanded even more and what an unexpected blessing that has become!   I spend time in the Word and prayer whenever I wake up each day, and I prayer journal.  I am so thankful for this time with my Lord.  It helps me in so many ways.   Many days, I have felt too sick to even make it to church on Sundays and I hate that, but I do have my time with Him!!    I will watch services on television if I'm unable to make it physically to our church.   I pray for my church and its leaders whether I'm able to make it or not.  I pray for the ministries of our church. I crochet prayer shawls for others and pray over them as I crochet.   This has changed my ministry as I used to be so physically active in ministry and I experience some guilt about that even today.  It is hard giving up what we used to do or be able to do, but God has assured me that He has a plan and a purpose for me and though it is changing, it is all good and I will do it all to His glory.   I pray that others will see Jesus in all that I say, do, think, and feel this day.  


  1. What an awesome testimony of your walk with God! I really needed to read that. I have been spending a lot of quiet time with God not really knowing what I am doing but feeling different than I ever did going to church and being active all the time. I enjoy this part of my day the most.

  2. Thanks and yes, quiet time with God helps me to set a wonderful pace for my day! I hope it does the same for you!


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