Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chasing Fireflies Book Review

Chasing Fireflies 

by Samantha Bayarr Book Review

BOOK FIVE Jacob's Daughter series After tragedy struck Noah Beiler's life nearly two years ago, he turned his back on his faith and the community. No one except Rose knows he has remained in the dilapidated home that overlooked the pond that he'd grown to despise. When new tragedy strikes, he is forced out of hiding. Will chasing fireflies on a warm, summer night change his life forever? Find out in this tale of summer love...

I have to say that this book was one of the sweetest, most romantic books that I have read in a long time!   I am still smiling as I reflect on the characters in the story.   Noah has exiled himself from his Amish community and buried himself in his grief, when along comes Rose.....does he save her life or does she save his?  Or does God send them to save the other's life and renew hope to both of them?   I do not want to spoil the story for any readers, so I won't go into details.   But you must read this book if you love romance, if you remember chasing fireflies as a child in summer, if you need a reason to smile.......

About the Author:
Samantha Bayarr granted an interview with me for my blog and you can read that post.   Samantha is so friendly and personable.  I have had the privilege of chatting with her many times on facebook and she is simply a delightful woman.    I appreciate the way she puts her whole heart into her writing.    You can find more information about her at her website:


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