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5-Star Review of "Plain Return"

Review of Plain Return

Plain Fame series #4

by Sarah Price


Amanda Beiler, a young woman raised Amish, is determined to make her marriage to internationally beloved Cuban singer Alejandro Diaz work. Since they spend more time apart than together, she decides to join her superstar husband in the spotlight and accompany him on his South American tour.

Despite their deep love for each other, the pressures of maintaining Alejandro’s fame and the media’s constant hounding begin to take a toll on the young couple. When someone from his past makes a startling appearance during the tour, Amanda is forced to face not only the complexities of his hedonistic past—and the unexpected responsibilities that accompany it—but also her own desire to return to a simple life rooted in devotion to family and God. As Amanda’s needs start to conflict with Alejandro’s obligations, the couple must decide if their love is strong enough to save their new marriage.

MY REVIEW:  Amanda leaves the Amish faith and community with her famous Cuban singer husband, but things take place in his world that she simply can not overlook any longer.  Especially since they are now raising Alejandro's young daughter, Amanda is convinced that traveling the world with immoral performers is no life for their family.   Alejandro just wants her with him.  But her mind is made up, even though both their hearts are broken.   Where will Amanda and little Isadora go? Will they be able to weather this storm? 

Readers will thrill to the tension and love this couple share.   I can certainly imagine what great conflict the circumstances must create! I don't feel the Amish are accurate in believing that all English live the sort of life that Alejandro lives.   This series addresses two very different worlds: the Amish and the famous English.   I can also feel great sympathy for Amanda as she tries to do what is right by her own faith and her stepdaughter.  Now I am super excited to read the fifth book in the series!  

I rated this book 5 stars and can't say enough good things about it.
I received an ebook of this novel from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:
Sarah Price

ECPA Christian Fiction Bestseller (June 2014, July 2014)

Amazon Top 100 Author for Books & eBooks (January 2016, September 2013, August 2013, May 2013, April 2013, February 2013, January 2013, December 2012)
The author of over 30 novels, Sarah Price publishes with Realms, an imprint of Charisma House and Waterfall, an imprint of Brilliance Audio. 

Her book, An Empty Cup, was #3 on Amazon Top 100 eBooks in January 2016. 

Follow her on social media: 
Instagram: @SarahPriceAuthor
Twitter: @SarahPriceAuthr


During the early 1700s, the Preiss family arrived in America aboard an old sailing vessel called the Patience. The family left Europe, escaping Catholic persecution for their Anabaptist beliefs. Sarah Price comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, including numerous church leaders and ministers throughout the years.

In 1969, Sarah Price was born in Pennsylvania and lived on the land of her ancestors, Johannes Preiss and "King Tammany", otherwise known as Tamanend, a chief of the Lenni Lenape nation in the Delaware Valley. 

In the early 1970s, her family moved to Morristown, New Jersey where she still resides with her husband, two children, and assortment of animals.

Ms. Price has advanced degrees in Communication (MA), Marketing (MBA), and Educational Leadership (A.B.D.).

Ms. Price was a former full-time college professor. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, she now writes full-time.

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