5-Star Review of "Change of Heart"

Review of Change of Heart

by Molly Jebber


A modern new century brings a young Amish woman an unexpected new life—and a chance to discover love's true way home…
Ohio, 1899. Soft-spoken midwife Becca Yost lived by her Amish faith's strict rules—until her fiancĂ© jilted her before their entire community. She's never been away from home, but the bustling Englischer town of Massillon, Ohio, is a welcome unexpected refuge. Especially when she goes to work for Dr. Matt Carrington, who shares her passion for healing those in need. His outgoing spirit and gentle strength show Becca a surprising new world of choices—and irresistible love. But there is one formidable obstacle: Matt's wealthy mother is determined her son will marry a society woman.

With her newfound resolve challenged, Becca decides that she and Matt must not be destined for each other after all. She accepts that she will have to forge a life alone—until a wrenching crisis and life-changing revelations teach her that true faith lies in all things, especially impossible second chances. . .

MY REVIEW:   Most Amish books involve the Amish remaining Amish, but we find this novel opening up with Becca visiting her sister, Ruth, who has fled her Amish faith and lifestyle to live in the city.   It is 1899 and the place is Ohio.  The town of Massillon is an Englisch town though.  What will happen to the Yosts' other daughter, Becca, as she spends time with her now-Englisch sister, Ruth?  The Amish have orders to shun those who leave their faith.  The Yost family is to shun Ruth.  Why are the parents allowing Becca to visit her shunned sister?   Are they crazy?   Or do they trust Becca completely in her intention to remain Amish?   
       I really enjoy reading anything set in this time period as my own granny was born in 1900.   She was not Amish but she was only able to attend school through eighth grade just as the Amish do.    In the time period, in rural areas, it was very expensive to attend high school and often required the students to live in a boarding house.    My granny's family could not afford that so she had to quit school at that time.   Do you ever wonder if Amish feel cheated when they are also forced to quit attending school at this age?   
      Matt's family wants him to marry a rich society girl and his mother especially makes no bones about her desires.   Wonder how that felt to young people who fell in love and wanted to marry aside their class in society?   Was it ever allowed?   I truly felt the wrenching emotional turmoil that Matt and Becca experienced as Mrs. Carrington expressed her unwavering opinion about poor, ignorant Amish people.   The story is exciting and leaves readers wanting more! with every page!  
        I rated this book 5 stars and feel that it would appeal to those who love historical fiction as well as Amish fiction and Christian fiction.   
        I received a kindle version of this book from netgalley and a print copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.   All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author:  

from author's page on amazon.com:  
I was raised in a small town in Ohio. If you had blinked twice, you would've missed it. It's grown by leaps and bounds. I've always found the Amish life interesting. I've enjoyed the many times I've visited their communities and learned about their lifestyle. Creating historical Amish characters and throwing them into difficult situations and joyous times has been challenging and fun. The greatest reward I've experienced in becoming an author is meeting wonderful people from all over the world who've been encouraging and supportive.

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