Thursday, July 9, 2015

4-Star Review of "The Arrival"

Review of The Arrival 

by J W Brazier


"Beneath a cloak of 
darkness and mystery, 
it has arrived … 

Palestine: 1948—With the winds of war fast approaching, an unscrupulous archaeologist finally finds the remains of the man he’s been searching for … unwittingly releasing an ancient evil on the world. 

White River, Arkansas: 1980—In a secret lab, top-level medical scientists work together to harness the power of previously unheard of DNA manipulation. But when the project finally comes to fruition with the birth of a specially “designed” baby, it just as abruptly comes to a bloody halt, with the facilities and nearly every member of the team wiped out, silenced forever … almost. 

White River, Arkansas: 2019—The small town awakens one morning to find itself ground zero of a joint UN-US terrorist training exercise. Residents face martial law, a cashless economy, and a host of ruthless leaders seemingly bent on making the maneuvers more than just a military operation. Outraged citizens begin to rise up and fight back, but it soon becomes clear that something evil has arrived in White River … 

A darkness unleashed 
on an unsuspecting world."

MY REVIEW:   I had a hard time getting interested in the book at first as there just seemed to be a lot of information to comprehend and keep straight and it gave me a headache concentrating that hard.   I did become quite interested in it as I read further though and found the theory of end times based on Revelation and bearing in mind that this is all fictional, unique and plausible.   I became invested in the characters' lives and found myself wanting to get back to reading when forced to take a break for the duties of life.   
       There were a great number of acronyms used in the book and some of them were not explained in full words the first time they appeared in print so I found myself trying to guess what they meant.   The story was fast-paced and full of action and left the reader open to and desiring of a sequel.    The book addressed issues of abortion and its effects on society and the church; endtimes; good and evil; angels and demons; a cashless society and antiChrist.  
      I rated this book 4 stars and would highly recommend it to those who enjoy fictional works based on Revelations and/or endtimes.  
      I received a kindle version of this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:
J W Brazier

J W Brazier----resides in the Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas with his wife of twenty-eight years. They have four grown children. Following his naval service in the Vietnam War, he focused his college studies in California and Alabama on mass communications. A multitude of exciting life and work experiences--including acting, business ownership, and licensed maritime engineer at sea and upon inland rivers--fuel and inspire his writing. He is currently drafting other intriguing works. 
The Arrival is his first novel.

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