Thursday, July 30, 2015

4-Star Review of "Amish Dynasty"

4-Star Review of Amish Dynasty

by Sophia Grace


“We’re rich!” 
Becca Yoder twirled in her plain blue dress, her arms above her head. Gold coins spilled from her fingers and dropped to her bare feet. 
Her smile lit him up, her auburn hair reflected the sunlight with a warmth that tempted him to unpin her prayer kapp and let it wave in the autumn breeze. 
“We’re rich!” Becca repeated, as if she just wanted to hear herself say it again. 
Jeremiah stood in the murky water of Pigeon Creek, leaning over the embankment as he dug his hands into the pile of gold coins. “I’m the one that lugged this heavy box up the crick bank!” 
“I did most of the digging to get that box out of the mud,” she argued. “While you just sat there fishing instead of helping me.” 
She held up her muddy hands as proof. 
“I had to reel in that big catfish. I couldn’t just let him go!” 
Becca rolled her eyes. “With this much money, you could pay someone to fish for you!” 

MY REVIEW:  What would you do if you found a fortune in gold?   How would you life be different?   Becca and Jeremiah had this very experience!   But life has cruel twists and turns for the young people who are madly in love and eager to marry. 
        This Amish romantic novella is very different from most Amish fiction.   It is a quick read with only 75 pages and definitely kept my interest.  I was anxious to continue reading as I wanted to know how the story would end for Becca and Jeremiah.   They fell in love as young Amish children and vowed to marry each other but Becca's parents force her to marry their English landlord in order to save their farm.   Jeremiah ran from town and left the Amish community and faith but he never forgot Becca or stopped loving her.   After his wife dies, he and his son travel back to Pigeon Creek to right a wrong he commited in order to punish Becca for marrying Angus.  Life has been anything but good for Becca and now she and Jeremiah have a second chance at love.   
       I don't want to spoil the story but will say that the relationship between Jeremiah's son, Jake, and Becca's daughter, Ellie, to be rather farfetched.   Readers will enjoy seeing how things are resolved for Becca and Jeremiah.  I rated this novella 4-stars and recommend it to other lovers of Amish fiction.
      I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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