4-Star Review of "The Prodigal's Path"

Review of The Prodigal's Path

by Hope Kesler


Paths of Hope:  Book Two
For independent-minded Amish woman Birdie Troyer, moving with her husband Caleb to his home community of Twin Oaks is taking some getting used to. 

Caleb has only told his parents, Hannah and John, part of the story about his new wife. They know she joined the church after leaving for rumpsringa, but Caleb has decided that they not be told that his wife joined under duress. To him it doesn't matter; he knows Birdie to be faithful. But would his conservative parents - especially is overbearing mother - understand. 

Then a painful crisis for the couple coincides with another surprise - the unexpected homecoming of Caleb's brother, Benjamin, whose rejection of the faith had left him a shunned outsider. 

Now Benjamin wants to come back, and as the community prepares to pave the way for his repentance, Caleb finds himself dealing with deep resentment towards a brother he does not believe is sincere. And as Birdie struggles to come to terms with a personal loss, she must also unravel the true source of her husband's hostility towards his younger brother. 

Can a fractured family dealing with hurt and old secrets find its way back to unity? Or will unspoken hurts build a wall that threatens to divide Birdie from the man she loves?

MY REVIEW:  Hope Kesler has written a remarkable modern-day Amish retelling of the Biblical story of the prodigal son.   Benjamin is the prodigal young Amish man who has returned home repentant and Caleb is the angry, unforgiving older brother who stayed behind and remained faithful to their father.  Since Amish are noted for their ability to forgive others even in the face of incredible wrong-doings, this story may take many readers by surprise.   Add to the mix a gossiping, cruel mother-in-law for poor Birdie.  Birdie has had to do her own share of forgiving in the past and she will need to find forgiveness in her heart for this mother-in-law.   Can she do it?  Can Caleb and Benjamin work out their differences and return their family to health?   Readers will enjoy reading about this family's journey to hope and forgiveness.  
       I rated this book 4 stars and highly recommend it.  I hope there is a book 3 in the series.  I am anxious to read it already.    
       I received a pdf version of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.   


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