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Review of "The Simple Life Devotional"

Review of Wanda E. Brunstetter's The Simple Life Devotional

Devotional Thoughts from Amish Country


Millions visit "Amish country" each year to enjoy the relaxed family atmosphere of this unique culture. What can we as "English" (non-Amish) people learn from this lifestyle? Wanda Brunstetter, New York Times bestselling author of Amish-themed novels, offers sixty intriguing and encouraging lessons in her devotional The Simple Life. Each reading features a brief story of the Amish, providing a "behind the scenes" insight into their culture; a spiritual lesson, accompanied by scripture, drawn from the story; and a "bonus" of an Amish witticism or recipe. Now readers can enjoy the peace and quiet of Amish country anytime, anywhere.

MY REVIEW:   Wanda E. Brunstetter has compiled a beautiful collection of stories of life with the Amish as a devotional.   I love the sweet stories based on the simple life of the Amish that is featured in this devotional.   There are delightful stories involving families collecting eggs from the chickens, mishaps of daily life, baking and working together, and more.  Each page has a story of Amish life, a scripture verse, and a Bible lesson based on the story and scripture.  Then to make this book even more exciting, each page features an Amish proverb and a recipe from an Amish cook.  There is even a pullout bookmark .  The bookmark shows an Amish buggy and Psalm 42: 5-6, "Why are you downcast, O my soul?   Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God." and a "Remedy for Discouragement":  "Reach up as far as you can, and God will reach down the rest of the way."   What beautiful words to lift readers up and encourage them.  
       I particularly appreciate this Amish proverb, shown as "Food for thought":  "God does not shield us from life's storms; He shelters us in life's storms."  The recipes are listed as "Food for the body".   Some of the recipes you may want to try include:  Bread and Butter Pickles, Chicken Corn Soup, Date pudding, No-Peek Stew, Plate Salad, Rhubarb Cream Delight, Tangy Vegetable Dip, and Woodchopper's Hash and OF COURSE, there is a recipe for Whoopie Pies, a traditional Amish dessert.  I rate this devotional 5 stars and highly recommend it to readers.  It would make a lovely gift.   
Thank you to Barbour Publishing, Inc, and Wanda E. Brunstetter for my copy of this book.

About the Author:  

A nationally recognized authority on the Amish community, Wanda E. Brunstetter has sold more than seven million copies of her fiction and nonfiction books. Wanda enjoys an uncommon kinship with the Amish and continues to visit their communities throughout the country. Her books have won numerous awards and topped several bestselling charts.

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