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Review of "Sadie's Montana: Three Bestselling Novels in One"

Review of Sadie's Montana:  Three Bestselling Novels in One

by Linda Byler


Discover the bestselling Sadie's Montana series from Amish author Linda Byler, available in one value-priced book. Sadie Miller didn't know what to expect when her family left Ohio for the small Montana Amish settlement—certainly not horse thieves, mysterious men, or her family falling apart. Can Sadie find her place in this wild, Western community, far from the familiar—and discover love along the way?
Now, three bestselling novels by Amish romance author, Linda Byler, are available in one volume. Sadie's Montana novels are set in the wild West country and include:

Wild Horses, Book 1: Sadie Miller is adjusting to life at Aspen East Ranch when Ezra appears. Perfect in every way and fully intending to marry Sadie, Ezra seems like a dream, but does Sadie love him? And who is this fascinating Mark who helps to rescue a dying horse and shows up at the Amish hymn-sing, though he is English? Why can't she get his dark eyes out of her mind? Now Sadie's own close-knit family is falling apart. Mam claims her head is cluttered and unclear. The worst part is, Dat refuses to acknowledge Mam's struggles. Sadie finds some refuge in Nevaeh, a black and white paint. But when a dreadful accident involving wild horses occurs, Sadie must move forward into the unknown future.

MY REVIEW of Wild Horses, Book One:  Imagine the wild west and beautiful ranch set in Montana and a lovely young Amish girl who is falling in love with wild horses and wild men!   Sadie is confused and she is about to fight to save some special horses that seemingly appear out of nowhere.    At home, all is not well, Sadie's Mam is sick.  Her mind is not working right.   Read this one to see how the Amish deal with mental illness, even though they may find it hard to accept and even to admit that it exists in their very own wife and Mam.   5 ***** Lovely book and enthralling.  I have to deal with mental illness myself so this was quite interesting to me and I won't spoil it but will say I was pleased with the outcome.   

Keeping Secrets, Book 2: There's horse trouble in Montana again. Only this time, horses aren't being stolen, they're being shot. Snipers are driving a blue pickup and shooting selectively. No hard-working ranch horse or Amish horse and buggy is safe. Still, Sadie rides, despite the warnings. Sadie's heart is still set on Mark, even though friends tells her to steer clear after he ditches her in the middle of their first date. Then Daniel appears; a visitor from Lancaster County. With cornflower-blue eyes and a strong, square jaw, he is everything that Mark is not. Why, Sadie wonders desperately, are there so many secrets? Will the truth surface, or is it too hard to bear?

MY REVIEW of Keeping Secrets, Book Two:  More horse trouble abounds and much danger as horse thieves seem to be after the horses are disappearing.  The Amish are even in danger as guns appear and no one feels safe.   Sadie falls in love with Mark, but he has lived a very hard Amish life as his mother left his family.  Read to see how Sadie and Mark resolve this traumatic past and make peace with lost relatives.   This is another 5 ****** star book and just precious in its revelations,  even ones that are difficult.  

The Disappearances, Book 3: Sadie may be married now, but she's as spirited as ever, and her life is no less tame. In fact, soon after she and Mark are settled into the farmhouse which Mark is renovating, she's visited by three FBI agents who question her about the two children who mysteriously appeared one day at the Ranch. Before the agents leave, they warn Sadie that her beloved horse, Paris, is highly valuable, and that she and Mark may be in grave danger because of Paris. This news, on top of Mark's unexpected black moods, leaves Sadie sometimes wishing she could go home, "lay her head on Mam's shoulder, and ask why she hadn't warned her." Mercifully, healing and courage reappear in unexpected times and places in this concluding volume of the Sadie's Montana series.

MY REVIEW of The Disappearances, Book Three:  Sadie and Mark finally resolve past issues and marry  but life is not all roses.   The FBI agents appear and are seeking to find the horse thieves and bring them to justice.    Sadie knows a great deal and they want to know everything she remembers.   Sadie never realized that the horse she has found and loved: Paris, is quite valuable and highly sought after by these horse thieves.   They are not safe with Paris near them.   The special children who "appeared" at the ranch and have been adopted by Dorothy and Jim are no longer safe either.   Sadness and tears are the norm for everyone now.   Mark has moods that are reminiscent of Sadie's Mam's depression.  Please, no, not that!  I don't want to spoil the book, only to it and find out for yourself.  I must say that I have read many of Linda Byler's books and this triology is my favorite of all of them!!!  I was enthralled and just hated to put my kindle down to do other things and wanted to read all day and night!   
I received a free pdf version of this triology from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you!    

About this Author:
Linda Byler grew up Amish and is an active member of the Amish church today. Growing up, Linda Byler loved to read and write. In fact, she still does. She is well known within the Amish community as a columnist for a weekly Amish newspaper. Linda and her husband, their children and grandchildren live in central Pennsylvania.

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