Saturday, February 1, 2014

Review of A Rooster Once Crowed: A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told

by Bryant Cornett


From a one-room Sunday school class--the lesson that's been downloaded over 8,000 times in 54 countries--comes A Rooster Once Crowed, A Commentary on the Greatest Story Ever Told. We live in those few moments between the first and the second crow of the rooster: between decision and indecision, between knowing and being known. But do you even care? Small decisions made today establish our path for all time, and yet we piddle with a piece of this and a taste of that. We diet on wisdom from antiquity and gorge on culture that is next month's joke. This story is an opportunity to gorge on Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, in context. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an opportunity to see for yourself what it actually is, rather than what we mold it to be, and to finally choose whether or not to care. Through small stories and a modern context, this book will help you understand and decide what you believe about the greatest story ever told.

MY REVIEW:   Cockadoodle doo!  Cockadoodle doo!  COCKADOODLE DOO!  Have you ever put yourself in Peter's place and imagined the shame he felt when he heard that awful crowing, not once, not twice, but three times, just as the Master had foretold?    We face the same choices in our own lives.  We can deny Christ or we can tell the world that we do in fact KNOW him.   But do we know Him?  really know Him intimately?   
Bryant Cornett has written a wonderful story-like examination of the Christian life and he certainly caused me to rethink what I believe and how I live my faith.  Do we just talk about it and go to warm the church pew on Sundays? or do we read our Bible daily and pray and listen for God's voice?  I highly recommend this book to new believers, questioners, and long-time believers.   This book would make a wonderful small group book study.   5 Stars *****
I received a free autographed copy of this book from the author and The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review.   

About the Author:
Bryant Cornett
From the Author's bio on goodreads:

I've always bought more books than I could read. Kindle may have saved my marriage because with no grounding in reality, I'd leave on a four day vacation with six big books in a hundred pound carry-on that, without fail, my wife would have to tote for some part of the trip-remember those days.

When I was a kid, I thought the greatest superpower-the one I'd most want to have was to "know" a book by touching it. I imagined running up and down the aisles of a library soaking in every book I could touch.

It's a perfect superpower, because it's so powerful, yet it's also so flawed. Imagine a 10 year-old exposed to even one aisle of a library. And as I got older, I realized that not all books are created equal. Some are great in their own context. Others contain greatness and junk. Others were built to sell something-themselves, an idea or an agenda. 

In the end, that superpower would have been my undoing. I would have died under the weight of it and been insufferable (ok, more insufferable). The efficiency of information flow isn't what I really needed, it was discernment to tell the difference. 

I've written a book. I love it and hope you do, too. I've got two more planned. But more than selling these books, my prayer is that folks will read this and hear the truth of the Gospel speak through it. 

My dream is that one day, we will all know and curate the Gospel Story as much as we know and love any of these great stories told here. These stories we write are That Story, and I can't wait to see how and when we all realize that. I'd love to get your thoughts on that and the book.

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