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Review of "London Dawn"

Review of London Dawn

(The Danforths of Lancashire #3)

by Murray Pura


Readers everywhere are clamoring for books like Downton Abbey, the hit PBS Masterpiece Theater series that's taken America by storm. Those readers have become enthusiastic about The Danforths of Lancashire by award-winning author Murray Pura.

In this stunning conclusion to the saga, we find Lord Preston and his family are gathered in London in the late 1930s for what turns out to be a homecoming. The family is finally all together again, gathering in a way they haven't been able to do for years. But looming ahead is the summer and fall of 1940 when both the Battle of Britain and the Blitz will occur. Though the family is blissfully unaware of this soon-to-be reality, Lord Preston, privy to top secret info in his position in the government, has grave concerns; the gravest he's ever had, that England will be invaded. The Danforth family patriarch does his best to hide his fears with a cheerful exterior, but is he successful?

MY REVIEW:  hmmmm, I must admit that I have only seen Downton Abbey one time and I have not read the other two books in The Danforths of Lancashire series, so how did that affect my perception of this book?   I will say that I did have a difficult time getting into the book as I did not always know what was going on or understand the relationships between the characters, but once I got past the first third of the book, I was on pins and needles waiting to see what was coming next. The reading of the book out of order was my own fault, I simply point it out.   My own uncle was killed in WWII so reading of so many young people in one family cheerfully heading off to battle for their country was hard for me to read.   I did not want to read of a casualty of war anymore than Lord Preston or Eva or Jane might wish to do so.   This book will grip the reader and pull until one is right in the pulse of the pages.  I felt the use of poetry, scripture and song lyrics was utilized in a beautiful and touching manner in this book.   Both men and women readers would find this book to be quite engaging.   
I received a free pdf version of this book from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.  

About the Author:
Murray Pura

Murray Pura was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, just north of the Dakotas and Minnesota. His first novel was released in Toronto in 1988 and was a finalist for the Dartmouth Book Award. Since that time he has published ten more novels, two collections of short stories, and several nonfiction titles including the Zondervan books: Rooted and Streams and the Baker devotional, Majestic & Wild. He has been a finalist for several awards in the US and Canada and in 2012 won the Word Award of Toronto for Best Historical Novel. Murray lives and writes in southwestern Alberta and is currently published by Barbour, Baker, Harper One, Zondervan, and Harvest House as well as several other publishing houses – he works with publishers in Canada, America, the UK, and Holland. His releases for 2013 include the novels: Ashton Park, The Rose of Lancaster County, A Road Called Love, Seven Oaks, The Painted Sky, Whispers of a New Dawn, Beneath the Dover Sky, The Name of the Hawk, and An Amish Family Christmas. His diverse writing spans many genres including: historical fiction, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, romance, adventure, western, suspense, fantasy, Amish, and inspirational. Most of his work is available in ebook format for Kindle, Kobo, and Nook as well as in paperback. 

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