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Review of "Annie's Decision"

Review of Annie's Decision

(Amish Girls Series Book 5)

by J. E. B. Spredemann


Annie Yoder has always dreamed of meeting an Englisch girl her own age, so when she sees an advertisement for Amish pen pals in the local paper, she begs her folks to allow her to participate. Annie quickly learns there are exciting new things in the Englisch world and she finds herself drawn to the forbidden. Will Annie's verboten desires lead her away from her people?Annie isn't the only one in a Valley of Decision. Jonathan Fisher's Rumspringa may cost him more than he bargained for. Will his foolishness change the course of his life forever?Inspirational Teen Fiction Approx. 100 pages

My Review:  5 Stars again!  Looking for just the right stationary and licking the stamp.....Pen pals are such fun. I had several pen pals when I was a teenager.  We did not have email so snail mail with old fashioned letters was our only form of communication.  We sent pictures and gifts to each other along with long letters of the details of our lives, even writing poems and songs for each other at times.   Annie Yoder is an Amish teenager though and so it is a bit more complicated for her to have an Englisch pen pal.  Her parents do approve of it as long as they are able to read the girls letters to each other.   Annie's pen pal opens up some forbidden things for her and life gets even more troubled for her.   I won't spoil the story for readers, but I love the way this series involves characters from the previous books.   I feel like they are becoming family to me as I read about them and I find I am anxious to hear news of some of the characters in previous books.   Joanna also plays a large part in this book as she also meets an Englisch young person. Courting customs for the Amish are quite different than those for Englisch youngsters, and church services are also very different.   Read and find out how these things effect Annie and Joanna and their families.  I wish these books had been available when my own daughters were teenagers as each book teaches valuable life lessons.    
Thank you to the author for the complementary pdf copy of this book.  I am writing a review as my way of thanking the author.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing.I love J.E.B.Spredemann's books.

  2. The covering on the cover of this book is quite interesting.

  3. I love them too, Jackie! Katie, glad you stopped by! I love seeing all your photographs of life in Pinecraft.


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