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Review of Notes from Nadir

Review of Notes from Nadir

by Lisa Maliga


Notes from Nadir is a wacky and poignant look at a Los Angeles-based writer who has to return to her Midwestern home due to financial difficulties. She moves back in with her Mom in a semi-retirement community and works a couple of dead end jobs, meets a good looking bakery owner, and later finds steady work as a writer and photographer at The Factory in the depths of Nadir.
My Review: Lisa Maliga has written a book that will grab you and pull you in as you hope repeatedly with every turn of the page that life will look up for the main character, Lisa.  When she is forced to move from her beloved LA back to an air mattress in her mother's retirement home, and her mom forces her to leave every day from noon to four p.m. because "she wants her peace and quiet."  My heart ached for Lisa, her mom, her sister and niece, as each of them seemed to live empty, sad, lonely, and hopeless lives. I found myself comparing Lisa and her mom's relationship to that of my own mother and I and I wish they could find closeness with each other.  rate this book 5 stars as it is captivating and intriguing.  I literally could not stop reading.    
Something that impressed me from this book was that the characters do not have hope and will not get it without a life with Christ.  The author may not even like that I feel this way. But I do.   I would hope that Lisa and the other characters find peace.   
I received a free pdf version of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.   
About the Author:
Author of contemporary fiction, some romance, short stories, and horror. Photographer/squirrel-friend, M&P soap, shampoo bar & shea butter fan. Visit her blog:

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