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Review of The Christmas Visitor

Review of The Christmas Visitor

by Linda Byler
17801355Young Amish widow, Ruth, and her six children are still grieving the sudden loss of her husband, Ben, as Christmas arrives in Amish author, Linda Byler's, holiday novel. Ruth can barely put food on the table, let alone buy toys for her children. But then gifts begin to appear at her door. Could they be from that kind man who just joined their community?

One moment, Ben Miller was high up in the rafters at his neighbor's barn raising. The next, his foot slipped and he plunged to his death, leaving behind a young wife and six children—the youngest born four months after his death. Ruth Miller is not alone. Her Amish neighbors help her to make the difficult transition from wife to widow.

But while the community has been generous, raising six growing children, each grieving their father's death, is overwhelming. Devastated by her loss, Ruth isn't sure how she'll make ends meet or restore order to a house full of rambunctious kids. With help from her mother and her energetic, but untidy neighbor, Mamie, Ruth finds a way to start over. Preoccupied with the effort to create a new life and manage her shrinking bank account, Ruth barely notices John King, the handsome newcomer to her community. Besides, how could she—if she had a chance—replace Ben? Does one ever replace a husband?

Ruth is a widower with young children who only wants to provide for them and have a simple but happy Amish Christmas.  How will she manage?  She is doing all she can to work things out when mysterious boxes begin to appear. The boxes contain exactly what the family needs at the time.  Who is sending the boxes?  
The Amish encourage remarriage among widows and widowers but Ruth feels she can never find a love like she had with her dear husband.  Will she find love among the snow, the boxes, the fun, the spirit of Christmas or will she let it slip through her grasp?
I always desire to have a simple Christmas and have sought to teach my own children the true meaning of the season...Jesus and his birth, NOT GIFTS, GIFTS, and more GIFTS.  I think the Amish certainly have the right idea when it comes to the holidays.   The cover of this book is enchanting and just the cover alone made me want to read it.  I am a snow lover and it reminds me of times in the past with my own grandparents.   
Thank you to Linda Byler and netgalley for the chance to read this delightful book and review it with all honesty.  

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  1. This is one on my wish list it sounds really good
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