Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review of My Father's House

by Todd Saville
My Father's House: a novel

Have you ever awoken to find the life you’ve always wanted, to be a life of always wanting? A life of always chasing? Then one day you stop in your tracks, questioning what it is you are wanting and chasing? And you realize a harsh truth: you’ve been running blind for years. 

In two short weeks, that’s what workaholic Cole Jansen discovers. Still single at thirty-two, he’s more focused on managing his clients’ money and his own material success than he is with any woman who gets close, or reconciling his estranged relationship with his parents. 

But when his father’s ill health leads him from urban Cedar Rapids, Iowa to the tiny rural community of Harmony, Minnesota for a rare visit, his myopic life is suddenly questioned when he meets Rachel Miller, a young Amish woman committed to her church and family – and conflicted by forbidden dreams of meeting him, the man in the pictures she ritualistically dusts each week as part of her cleaning duties at his parents’ home. 

No sooner than such an unlikely courtship begins to flourish, a series of tragedies strike, and commitment and character must be confronted, bringing each of their paths to a crossroads and shaking the foundations of their lives. Will the threat of excommunication and career suicide be too great? Or is there hope for such an improbable love as this?
My Father’s House, a story of truth, tenderness and tragedy that will tug at your heart-strings.
My Review:
Todd Saville has written a stirring story of love, family, regrets, contentment, and more.  I sobbed as I read this book. It touched so many nerves with me.   His main character must search deep within and see what really makes him happy in life...what really matters.  Cole is a character that I can relate to.....will he continue to blame his father? to be angry with God? Will he find peace?   Read this one and keep some tissues handy!
Todd Saville
Todd Saville was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, to parents who were both teachers.

Upon graduating from the University of Northern Iowa in 1993, he pursued a career in business, serving in a variety of roles, such as: corporate trainer, financial advisor and international marketing manager. After obtaining his MBA in 2003, he began teaching part-time at Mount Mercy University, which proved to be life-changing. 

In 2006, after thirteen years of corporate work, he accepted a full-time business faculty position at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

My Father’s House was inspired by his parents’ close relationship with their Amish neighbors living near their hobby farm in rural Missouri. Visit his website at:

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