Friday, March 1, 2013

Review of Katie Opens Her Heart

by Jerry Eicher 

Katie Opens Her Heart
Bestselling Amish fiction author Jerry S. Eicher (nearly half a million copies sold) returns with the first book in another of his delightful and compelling series.

Here is the touching story of an awakening young Amish girl, Katie Raber, who finds she wants more from life than to be known as simply "Emma Raber's daughter."

Emma has refused to remarry since Katie's daett died soon after she was born. And in an effort to keep Katie home, Emma has forbidden her from participating in the rumspringa tradition.

When widower Jesse Mast calls for Mamm's hand in marriage, Katie hopes to move into a new phase of life and leave the old "Emma Raber's daughter" behind. But Emma is having none of it, and Katie must consider abandoning all hope of ever changing her mamm's bitterness or of ever having popular Ben Yoder notice her. Out of sheer frustration, she begins attending nearby Mennonite youth gatherings.

Sparks fly when Jesse's children object fiercely to the attentions their daett is paying to Emma Raber. And widowed Ruth Hochstetler makes her own move for Jesse Mast's hand.
Book one in the Emma Raber's Daughter series.
Many of the Amish fiction novels are "feel-good" books, but I appreciate the way that Jerry Eicher makes his characters so real and so believable.   I noticed that Emma and Katie both engage in a great deal of negative self-talk.  I struggle with this myself and it can rob us of much joy and it certainly did that for Emma and Katie at times.   This is a wonderful book and my main problem with it was that IT ENDED!  I was left wanting more....wanting to know what happens next for Katie and Emma!   I am ready for the second book in this series NOW!   
About the Author:
Jerry S. Eicher
Jerry Eicher’s bestselling Amish fiction (more than 210,000 in combined sales) includes The Adams County Trilogy, the Hannah’s Heart books, and the Little Valley Series. After a traditional Amish childhood, Jerry taught for two terms in Amish and Mennonite schools in Ohio and Illinois. Since then he’s been involved in church renewal, preaching, and teaching Bible studies. Jerry lives with his wife,Tina Eicher, and their four children in Virginia.
I received a free copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for my honest review. 


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