Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NHBPM Thankful, Excited, Inspired Day 5

NMBPM Day 5:  Three things I am thankful for, excited about or inspired by..................

Three things that I am thankful for, excited about, or inspired by.................

wow, this is difficult because there are SO MANY THINGS I could choose to share!  
I am thankful for God and His love for me!   I am thankful that this LIFE is not all there is.....that there is an eternity waiting that is even better! even more glorious than any thing I have ever imagined!
I am thankful for my husband and daughters and all my family!   They brighten my life and bring so much joy to me!   
I am thankful for all the difficult things that have happened in my life because they have formed me into the person I am today!   They have made me a stronger person.   They have forced me to accept some hard realities and admit the existence of death, sickness, and evil.   They have shown me that joy does come in the morning!  
my son-in-law, me and my three daughters at our sweetie's beach wedding

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