Thursday, November 1, 2012

NHBPM 30 Days, 30 Posts Day 2

Day 2 Blog 

I was talking to some friends today and we were discussing the depression we experience and how getting out and being with others helps to alleviate those feelings!!    Just the act of getting out of the house and sitting on a porch or taking a short walk can be helpful.   Physical health problems can keep us stuck.....stuck inside and stuck inside our pain-FILLED bodies.  It helps to have something else on our minds.   I also find that doing something to help someone else is really important to healing!    


  1. Seems to be going around lately....
    Just seems to be so much going on lately, not just in every day living, not just with our country but in our very communities as well.
    Spending time out doors this time of the year does help alot--must get it in before the snow and cold arrives...I love feeling the fall sun on my face,arms and back...I love the smell of Fall..
    I find being out doors right now allows me the peace and the quiet to really be in communion with our Lord, that no matter what I am doing -I speak to Him about everything, as long as I need and want.He is there!
    This is a good time for really tending to ourselves too.. Keeping to a good schedule for waking up--going to bed,(though lately I am having trouble with this one),getting back to good ole fashioned home cooking that of course is always better for us, slowing down a bit compaired to the summer hussle and bussle..
    Of course now is the time for the holiday worries to settle in on us too.. Keeping my eyes on the Lord..and all the things that are most important to us,instead of falling into the holiday stuff that crashes in on us..
    and writing letters...I am finding that getting back to the old ways of communicating with others is wonderful!! Just about the time I need to sit down with a friend and have tea...there is another letter in the mailbox.. Cheers me up for days!!
    These are some of the things I am doing for the time,to combat the blues and depression and they are really helping!
    be blessed my friend..

  2. tiss me Rhonda!


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