My Inspiration for Projects

Many folks ask me where I get my patterns for my crochet projects.   Well, I have several subscriptions to some popular crochet magazines.   I love the three pictured here:  Crochet Today!, Crochet World, and Interweave Crochet.   I have a large collection of the magazines and mark my favorite patterns with sticky notes.    I also get a lot of free patterns from internet sites, such as:,,,, and other crocheters' blogs.    I love experimenting with new stitches.    Back-post and front-post crochet stitches proved to be a challenge at first, but they are my favorite stitches now.    I also love experimenting with new soft ones, ribbons, ones with glitter, beads, etc.   I have even dropped hints to hubby to get some sheep and we'll let them mow the grass in the yard for us and then I can spin my own wool and have fun dying it!!!   He hasn't agreed to THAT idea YET!!   But I am persistent!  LOL :)   and I am spoiled rotten by him.  He is a keeper.....oh, and shhhh!  don't tell, but he untangles my yarn for me and rolls it into balls for me.  I love him!  
I read a fellow blogger say that yarn is delicious and I agree!  Yarn IS delicious!    delightful!  delectable!   I need to take some pics of all my yarn but I'm not ready to confess to that yet.........


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