A Travel Guide from Genesis to Revelation for kids

Help a Kid’s Faith Take Off!

God’s Word can be difficult to read, even for adults. This kid-friendly version of pastor Skip Heitzig’s popular book The Bible from 30,000 Feet gives tweens (ages 8–11) a panoramic overview of all 66 books of the Bible, helping them see the context and significance of each.

Each chapter provides a “flight plan” for exploring a portion of the Bible:

Check Your Location—a clear and concise survey of the author, the main point, and why it’s important.

Plot Your Course—a brief synopsis that shows what the chapters are about in language kids can understand.

Enjoy Your Trip—a summary that contains the practical takeaway, helping children to apply the information to their own lives.

Creatively designed with kids in mind, Soaring Through the Bible also features fun illustrations and fascinating facts to keep young minds and hearts engaged and interested.

Prepare a child for takeoff on a lifelon…


In The Kitchen With Grandma:  Stirring Up Tasty Memories Together by Lydia E. Harris Delicious Moments Made to Last
As a grandma, what could be sweeter than cooking up something wonderful with your grandchild? Celebrate the gift of good food and grandparenthood in this collection of recipes, wisdom, and tips from grandmas like you.

You’ll discover dozens of delicious recipes, including many that are gluten-free, you and your grandchild will love making…and eating! But more important, you’ll have the opportunity to create lasting memories, and share your faith and life lessons with your special little helper.

Each recipe is grandma tested and rated for difficulty, so you can always find a tasty treat that fits any child’s age and skill level. Along the way, you’ll be inspired by select Scripture verses and get more great ideas for connecting with your grandkid.    

From Floating Frosty Snowmen in January to Peppermint Angel Cake in December, you and your grandchild will enjoy spending time in…


The Healing Jar
(The Prayers Jars series #3)
by Wanda Brunstetter

FIRE STORM book review

Fire Storm 
(Kaely Quinn Profiler #2)
by Nancy Mehl

Book Description:
FBI Profiler Kaely Quinn visits Nebraska to care for her ailing mother. She can't help but notice suspicious connections among a series of local fires, so she calls on her partner, Noah Hunter, to help find the arsonist. Together they unwittingly embark on a twisted path to a mad man who is determined his last heinous act will be Kaely's death.

    5 Stars:  5/5 Stars

Well, I didn't think it was possible for Nancy Mehl's second book in the Kaely Quinn Profiler series to be better than Mind Games, book #1, but it is!    I was on the edge of my seat as I read and very anxious to discover the identity of the arsonist and stop him !!! I love Kaely Quinn.  I think she and I could be friends if she actually existed outside the pages of this delightful book. Is book #3 ready yet???  
I received a copy of this book from netgalley and Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  I was not re…


The Basic Steps of Bible Study
by Kay Arthur

Beloved Bible teacher Kay Arthur has long taught the inductive study method, which has helped millions of people enjoy discovering the truths of God’s Word for themselves. This guide is a great place to start learning how to study your Bible in a truly-life-changing way.
As you cultivate the inductive skills of observation, interpretation, and application, you will…
be equipped to study—and understand—God’s Word on your own
increase your knowledge of God and His ways
be greatly strengthened and encouraged in your personal faith
The more you become an active participant in God’s Word, the more you will become aware of all that it means to be in Christ and to live boldly and confidently in God’s truths.

  5 Stars:  5/5 Stars
I am a student of the Bible and have been for many years, even taking seminary courses for pastor's wives, and this book is a wonderful study guide for those of all levels.  I plan to purchase the NISB, New In…


A Family for Gracie
(Amish of Pontotoc #3)
by Amy Lillard

Book Description:
For the Amish of Pontotoc, Mississippi, faith and family are everything--even when they pose the greatest challenge . . .

Gracie Glick is known for being the helpful one, always available for a relative in need. But now that she's longing for a home and family of her own, it's time to help herself. With few eligible men in Pontotoc, Gracie's choices, and her time, are limited. So she takes a bold leap of faith: she proposes to Matthew Byler, a handsome, recently widowed, father of five. It's not until after they're married that Gracie learns Matthew doesn't want more children . . .

With his grief still fresh, and his children needing care while he tends to his farm, Gracie is the answer to Matthew's prayers. But a marriage in name only suits him fine. And when he finally tells Gracie the dismaying reason why, they must decide whether to continue 
together--or apart. It's a choice that…

A MURDER ON JANE STREET by Cathy Cash Spellman

A brutal murder.
A heinous secret.
A deadly conspiracy.

The brutal murder of the little old lady next door puts FitzHugh Donovan on the case. A retired New York City Police Chief, he knows a cover-up when he sees one and his Irish Cop conscience can't let that happen.

Now, Fitz, his family and his quirky band of Bleecker Street Irregulars are ensnared in the bizarre secret the woman died to protect.

Is this a cold case turned hot again, or an unspeakable conspiracy that could alter the course of history?

Fitz doesn't yet know how high the stakes are, that failure isn't an option, and that the little old lady was so much more than she appeared. But he's trying to keep everyone alive long enough to find out.

Characters you’ll care about, dark shocking secrets, and disturbing similarities to today’s political scene, will keep you turning pages to an ending you won’t see coming.

Cathy Cash Spellman
A Murder on Jane Street

   5 Stars:   5/5 Star Rating

Oh my goodness!!…