Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"The Rancher's Surprise Triplets" Book Review

The Rancher's Surprise Triplets

Lone Star Cowboy League: Multiple Blessings #1

by Linda Ford


Three Little Matchmakers 

Rancher Bo Stillwater has no plans of becoming a husband or a father…but he can't turn away from the three babies he finds at the county fair. After leaving the abandoned triplets in the care of the doctor's daughter, Louisa Clark, his duty should be done. So why can't he seem to stay away from the babies and their pretty caregiver? 

Watching the town's most eligible bachelor with the little trio reawakens Louisa's unmet dreams. She's found satisfaction in spinsterhood and caring for others, convinced that motherhood passed her by. Do she and Bo only work so well together for the children's sakes…or could they both find courage to make this sweet temporary arrangement something truly lasting?

My Review:  What a sweet little bit of a romance this novel is for readers.  Three triplets left at the county fair steal the hearts of Bo and Louisa.  Bo finds the little darling boys and can think of no one more suited to care for them than the new doctor's daughter, Louisa.  She is up for the duty but does feel the strain of tending to three young babies on her own.  Bo and his twin brother, Brandon, do often lend a hand.  Bo finds someone else stealing his heart as well and that is the beautiful young selfless woman, Louisa Clark.  What will happen to these abandoned babies?  Will the desperate mother be found?  Will lovee touch Louisa's heart even as it has touched Bo's?  
         This book brings the past to life for readers .  There are no cars to transport the people of the community.  There are no disposable diapers, no washing machines, no sippie cups to bring convenience for the families of young babies.  Louisa definitely faced a daunting task as she cared for the three babies, babies that weren't even her own.  This book is a sweet little romance that will easily bring smiles and joy to readers.   While the plot is a predictable one, it is one to recommend to others.  I would certainly want to buy copies of this one for friends and family.
       I am giving this book a rating of 4 stars. 
       I received an ebook of this selection from netgalley.  All opinions are my own.  

About the Author:
Linda Ford
Linda Ford grew up devouring books and making up stories in her head—often late at night when she couldn't sleep. But she hadn't planned to write. Instead, she dreamed of running an orphanage. In a way, that dream came true. She married, had four homemade children, adopted ten and lived (at times, endured) the dream. 

Writing first took her to non-fiction human-interest articles for newspapers and eventually a non-fiction book about tuberculosis set in the 1930s and 1940s (Touched By The White Plague). But romance had always been her first love and she turned to writing love stories. She is multi-published in the CBA market. 

She lives on a small ranch in Alberta, Canada, where she can see the mountains every day. She and her husband continue to enjoy their children and grandchildren.

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