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5-Star Review of "The Detective's Daughter"

Review of The Detective's Daughter

by Lesley Thomson

The Detective's Daughter (Detective's Daughter, #1)

Kate Rokesmith's decision to go to the river changed the lives of many. Her murder shocked the nation. Her husband never pressed charges and moved abroad under a cloud of suspicion. Her son, just four years old, grew up in a loveless boarding school. And Detective Inspector Darnell, vowing to leave no stone unturned in the search for her killer, began to lose his only daughter. The young Stella Darnell grew to resent the dead Kate Rokesmith for capturing her father's attention in a way she never could.
Thirty years later, Stella is dutifully sorting through her father's attic after his sudden death. The Rokesmith case papers are in a corner gathering dust: the case was never solved. Stella knows she should destroy them. Instead, she opens the box, and starts to read...

MY REVIEW:  Lesley Thomson was a new author for me but I'm hooked and I'm ready to read book 2 in Detective's Daughter series.   This was a fast-paced, suspenseful mystery, packed with emotion.   Stella as well as Jack Harmon have definitely got some issues from their pasts to resolve.    I found myself hoping that if they could just solve the mystery of Kate Rokesmith's murder, they might actually feel peace at last.   
        I love to try to figure out "who done it" in mysteries and this one left me puzzled.  This also kept me anxiously rushing back to my kindle to keep reading.   I often felt sadness for the characters as well.   Their lives had so much pain and I just wanted it to end for them.  
        Readers will thrill at trying to discover the answer to who killed Kate Rokesmith.  I did find myself a little ignorant of some of the slang of the characters as they were British and I did not know what the words meant.    I kept on reading though, just had to shake my head in confusion a few times.    
       I rated this book 5 stars and highly recommend it to mystery lovers.
       I received an ebook of this novel from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.  

About the Author:
Lesley Thomson

Lesley Thomson was born in 1958 and grew up in London. She went to Holland Park Comprehensive and the Universities of Brighton and Sussex. Her novel A Kind of Vanishing won The People's Book Prize in 2010. Lesley combines writing with teaching creative writing. She lives in Lewes with her partner.

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