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Review of Christmas Romance (Best Christmas Romances of 2013)

Review of Christmas Romance (Best Christmas Romances of 2013)

by Jennifer Conner, Danica Winters, Sharon Kleve, and Casey Dawes


Four Sweet Christmas stories from your favorite romance authors to warm your heart for the holidays.

Christmas Wishes-Danica Winters: For most, Christmas is a time for family, love, life, dreams, and wishes—but not for Lee Llewellyn, a mother who has recently lost her son to an accident and her husband to the resentment it caused. 
In a chance encounter, she is given the gift of company on Christmas, but is she ready to move forward and start living again? 

Central Bark at Christmas-Jennifer Conner: When Tennyson’s boyfriend left her for her best friend from high-school, all Tennyson received in the break up was her dog. She’s sworn off men and now is rebuilding her life. The only thing Par does is work. He barely has time to do anything he wants for himself other than take his dog to the dog park. When Par and Tennyson find an abandoned dog at the park named Duke. Will they find room in their hearts to take him in? 
And can this Christmas season weave some special magic for the two of them? 

Halo's Wish-Sharon Kleve: Halo Ann Carlyle wishes for a home, family, and a boat-load of pets. What she gets is a bruised hip, a lump on the head, a broken ankle, and her new yellow Honda Civic is demolished. 
Rich McFarland, a sexy veterinarian, keeps showing up in the most unexpected places, promising everything she's ever wanted.Halo believes she only has time to pursue her career as a pet detective and must ignore her growing attraction to achieve her dreams. 
Will Halo trust her heart, and find a way to get both before Christmas? 

Christmas Hope-Casey Dawes: Clara Misowski is convinced Sam Richards’ cheese making operation would be a perfect stop for her culinary tour group. 
He’s adamantly opposed to anything to do with a group of women on his farm. 
Can she convince him to open his heart to company, Christmas, and maybe even her?

My Review: 
The four authors have created several sweet quick Christmas, romance, pets, and Christmas!   I was pleased with the precious messages of hope, second chances, and love at Christmas.  I love my own sweet little furbaby so the fact that pets were featured in the stories added to the magic for me.    You can easily read each of these stories in a couple of hours and they  make great ones to carry along on the kindle for waiting rooms.   I also enjoyed the unique names given to several of the main characters.  These stories will make you laugh and cry as you read.   Warning: there are a few mild expletives in the book so if you do not like to read any curse words, be warned.   
I was given a copy of this book by one of the authors in exchange for my honest review. 
About the Authors:
Danica Winters
Danica Winters:  Danica Winters is a best-selling author who is known for writing award-winning books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and often a touch of magic. When she’s not working, she can be found in the wilds of Montana testing her patience while she tries to understand the allure of various crafts (quilting, pottery and painting are not her thing). She always believe the cup is neither half-full nor half-empty, but it better be filled with wine.

Please feel free to head over to facebook and 'like' her page.

Jennifer Conner 
Jennifer Conner:  I am a best-selling Northwest author who has two full length book in print and thirty ebooks

Shot in the Dark and Christmas Chaos were in the Kindle sales top 20 ebooks. The Regimental Heroes is a best selling historical romance series.

Shot in the Dark was a finalist in the Emerald City Opener, Cleveland, and Toronto RWA contests.

I live in a hundred year old house that I grew up in. Our semi-small town holds an interesting mix of resident hillbillies, yuppies and Navy Seals. And of course Seattle, only a few miles away, is the birthplace of Starbucks. I blow glass beads with a blow torch, (which relieves a lot of stress and people don't bother you).

Sharon Kleve
Sharon Kleve:  I love romance. I love reading romance, living romance (who doesn't), but I especially love writing paranormal romance. There's no greater feeling than watching my characters come alive in each other's arms. Most of all, I love giving my characters the happily ever afters they deserve, with a few bumps and bruises along the way.
One of my favorite things is picking up a new book and sinking into the story, immersing myself in the emotions between the characters. I hope someday to inspire readers the same way my favorite authors have inspired me.
When not writing, I can usually be found either curled up in my recliner with my cat and a good book, or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels. My least favorite activity is running laps around the high school track to burn off the bread and bagels and occasionally chocolate.

Member of the Romance Writers of America and the 2012 Treasurer for the Peninsula Romance Writers Chapter.

Casey Dawes

Casey Dawes:  One year, I became a writer.

Nothing changed. I still had my day job. My kids still ran me ragged. I was still getting divorced. My writing got rejected more often than not.

But everything changed.

I wrote my first short story at age ten. Over the years I’d published now and again – mostly non-fiction, mainly technical, career-related pieces – and one lonely short story. But until that year, I’d never referred to myself as a writer.

Oh, I would tell people, I want to be a writer when I grow up. Maybe when I retire. Maybe when I have the time. Maybe when I have enough money. Something wouldn’t die, though. I kept taking courses when I’d gather a few dollars together. If I could snag a weekend, I’d attend a conference or workshop. My bookshelves were filled with writer’s books. 

I needed to make the change in my head, not my outside circumstances. I needed to honor the gift of who I was. I was given a lot of talents. That’s a blessing and a curse. It took me forty-seven years to determine which talent describes me best.

I am a writer.


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  2. Thanks for hosting the Christmas romance today and for your kind review!

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