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Review of A Christmas Gift for Rebecca

Review of A Christmas Gift for Rebecca

by Sarah Price

Rebecca King has only been married for four weeks when a snow storm threatens to keep her and her new husband, Gideon Stoltzfus apart for their first Christmas. She watches the snow falling from the kitchen window as she helps her mamm prepare the Christmas supper.

Despite being apart, she takes comfort in reflecting on their courtship and marriage, knowing that God will provide for their future. But does Gideon have different plans?

MY REVIEW:   Rebecca and young Gideon have been married a few weeks and are living apart true to the Amish custom of their area.  Christmas is almost here and the snow begins.  Poor Rebecca can only concentrate on her new husband being able to get through the snow on his horse and buggy without harm....otherwise, they will not have Christmas together.
I know the frustration of this experience as it snowed one year and stayed for a week with a great deal of ice and my boyfriend and I were just dying to be together.  So he finally took chains and hooked them up to the tires of his father's much larger, heavier car and started his drive.  His parents were worried and my mother said he was going to get hurt.  I prayed and prayed that he could make it over.   It took quite a bit longer than the usual 10 minute drive to my home from his, but he arrived, cold but safe!!   I must admit that I have never heard of this Amish custom as most of the couples in the books I have read, live together with one of their families.   I guess each area or district makes their own rules.  
I think readers will be very pleasantly surprised when they read the ending and find out what "Rebecca's Christmas gift" is....I did not figure it out!   This is a short, quick and heartwarming book you will want to read!     
I received a free pdf copy from Helping Hands Press and Sarah Price in exchange for my honest review.   

About the Author:
Sarah Price's ancestors emigrated from Europe in 1705, settling in Pennsylvania as the area's first wave of Mennonite families. Sarah Price has always respected and honored her ancestors through exploration and research about her family history and their religion. At nineteen, she befriended an Amish family and lived on their farm throughout the years. 

Twenty-five years later, she now splits her time between her husband and children in the NYC Metro area and a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where she retreats to an Amish farm to reflect and write.

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