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Review of Into Magnolia

Review of Into Magnolia

by Rosemary Hines

Into Magnolia

"Amber Gamble sat on the floor beside her bed. I hate them. All of them, she thought to herself."

As Michelle Baron ascends the steps of Magnolia Middle School, her life is about to change forever. The dream of becoming a teacher leads her on an unexpected journey that will challenge her professionally and personally. Although 180 students file through her classroom daily, one demands her attention more than the others. Living in her third foster home in a year, Amber's bitterness and rebellion spark a challenge within Michelle to somehow make a difference in this troubled girl's life.

Meanwhile, Michelle's daughter develops a series of unexplainable bruises. A stunning visit to the pediatrician reveals frightening possibilities. While Michelle tries to hold her fears at bay, Amber approaches her with a daunting crisis of her own.

"Into Magnolia "reveals the internal struggles and triumphs of a dedicated teacher, and the power of love to transform lives.

As a former school teacher of elementary and middle grades, this book really touched my heart in a tremendous way.  Michelle Baron, the main character, makes a huge impact on her students' lives and she takes the most troubled students and makes them part of her heart.  Rosemary Hines also deals sensitively with the issue of foster homes.   I love how Rosemary incorporates faith into her writing.   This book is inspiring and uplifting.   
I received a free copy from a giveaway on the author's blog.  Thank you so much!   

Rosemary Hines

Rosemary Hines writes contemporary, suspenseful fiction from a Christian worldview. Her characters and their struggles and triumphs reflect life in our 21st century culture in America. Boldly tackling tough subjects such as suicide, abortion, and the ever-increasing efforts of secular society to silence the faith of many, she is known for her sensitive approach and strong messages of hope and redemption. Rosemary taught writing at a secondary level for fifteen years. Her books have been reviewed and recommended at Christian conferences across the United States. Active in her church as a Sunday school teacher and a women's Bible study leader, she and her husband have also served as missionaries in Ukraine, delivering humanitarian relief to orphanages and hospitals. They reside in Southern California where they enjoy spending time with their grown children and grandchildren.   Visit her website:

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