Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crowned by the King! crowning moment

Crowned by the King--Crowning Moment

Please visit the website for Crowned by the King Ministries at:  http://www.crownedbytheking.com/ for more information and to purchase your own necklaces to "crown" a special woman...young, old, or in-between.
     The Crowned By The King necklace is a tool that reminds women that they are Daughters of the King, beautiful, loved, and purposed to be used by God.   
"I am chosen"--John 15:16
"I am wonderfully made"--Psalm 139:14
"I am dearly loved"--Colossians 3:12
"I am a daughter of the King"--Romans 8:14
The above video will give you a brief introduction to this unique ministry.   
When I was given the opportunity to review the Crowned by the King necklace and share a  crowning moment with another special lady, I was very excited.  I often review books, and I love the Lord, my King, so this was a golden opportunity for me to share a blessing with someone.   
I prayed about the lady that God wanted me to bless by crowning her with the necklace, and I finally felt led to wear it to one of our peer group meetings at a local center and would let a woman "notice and mention" or ask me about the necklace.  Then I would make my move and present her with a necklace.  Sure enough, the meeting started, and ended, and no one mentioned it, but then a special young lady and I were sitting alone and talking and she says "is that a crown?" and points to my necklace.  I told her "yes" and then went on to explain about the ministry I was participating in and I told her that I wanted to "crown her from our King".  She has attended seminary and greatly desires to serve God as a missionary in some capacity in her lifetime.  She was so thrilled with the necklace and its special meaning and related Bible verses.  We got the crown around her neck and clasped it.   We hugged and she was moved to tears, as I was also.   I gave her a special bookmark and leaflet and directed her attention to places where she could find even more information about this exciting ministry and we parted and went our separate ways in a short while.  I walked away, smiling,  and thanking God for her and for her life and  ministry. I am old enough to be her mother and I value our friendship.  I truly enjoy talking and sharing with her and miss seeing her if she does not make it to our group meetings.  I am so glad that God has brought our paths in life together.  I feel that HE destined before we were born for the two of us to meet and to be together on this very day on November 29, 2012 so that I could place the crown around her neck and share its meaning with her.  I thanked Him for bringing her in my path that day as she was in need of some encouragement and uplifting at this time in her life.  

Father, bless this special young woman and lead her in Your will. Show her Your purpose for her.  Let her know that she is loved, chosen by You, wonderfully made, and Your daughter!   Fill her up with Your love. Surround her with angels of mercy, grace, and protection.  Guide  her each day. Fill her with wisdom and understanding.  Thank you for the blessings she has brought to my life just by knowing her.  AMEN

The lovely sterling silver crown necklace makes a wonderful gift and blessing for daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, friends, co-workers, waitresses, nurses, female doctors, and more, even complete strangers whom God places in your heart and in your path to bless with being "Crowned by the King".  

I received this product free from Christian Women Affiliate's Review Crew of which I am a member and Crowned by the King Ministry to review.  No other compensation was given to me.  I was to share the necklace and report about my experience in crowning a woman with the necklace for that express purpose.  


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    1. Thanks, Nancee, this would make a great gift for your cute as pie little grand-daughter!!!


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