Monday, August 6, 2012

FRIENDS Swap 2012

My lovely package arrived today from Mary in California.....I am delighted with all my gifts!!!  

 All wrapped in gold and red silk fabric bags!
 F-fiber--hand dyed homespun yarn--I was hoping I would get some of this when I saw on her blogs that she did this !! yay!! so happy! can't wait to use it!!   I gave her "fish/ocean fabric"(she loves the ocean/beach), flower magnet, and air freshener (sachet)
 R-Roses--black and red fabric rose pins!   can't wait to wear these!
Roses are my favorite flower, and I had pics on my blog of my roses in garden but didn't say it was my favorite!  (I sent her red wooden hearts and little notes to use to make crafts as she does lots of them and roll of Rollos candy!!!  she loves chocolate just like I do! lol )
 I-l"i"ghthouse quilting fabric---she said she "fudged" to get I out of this, but I am not complaining as I love this fabric and will so enjoy using it for some fun project(s)!!!  I collect lighthouses!  ( I gave her a teal colored ink pen as she loves colors of ocean)
 E-say y"E"s to Cucumber Facial Towelettes---oohh, sound so neat!   she again told me she "fudged" to get E out of this's okay with me!  I had a hard time with the letters I and E too, and came up with an Inkpen in a color she loves (teal), and Engraving Art Kits for her E of seals and penguins as she loves ocean/beach

 N-is for birdNEST charm handmade for me by Mary; beautiful!!!   
I gave her notepads--one w/lighthouse for her refrigerator w/magnet, daily calendar w/ocean scene, and notecube for her desk with letter M for Mary
 D is for Dark chocolate--yummmy!!!   California toffee and Aloha Rocky Road ....this will be a fun one to "USE"!! lol   (I sent her a hand crocheted dishcloth in green variegated cotton for ocean colors)
 S is for sweet scented soap! That's an alliteration....loved teaching that in my 6th grade Language Arts classes!!!   :)    my whole package smelled like it ! delightful!!!!!  ( I crocheted a "S"tarfish dishcloth/hotpad/doily for her since she indicated that she LOVES anything to do w/ocean/beach)

 She put a note in to explain the letters in the form of an Acrostic Poem (wow, literature lesson here, love it!!)

and she included as a bonus, this little hand knit (by Mary) "friendly little munchkin guy"... so cute!!!
I added some bonuses to hers as I simply couldn't settle on just one thing for some I also sent her another " adorable glass bottle with a hemp tie and shell attached; also "R"eally delicious chocolate or "E" delicious things to EAT....sent her Jelly Belly jelly beans chocolate covered orange!  
This was such fun!  hubby laughed at me as I excitedly pulled each item from my box and opened them and told our little Pomeranian dog...."Mama's getting her Christmas in August, Cocoa" was a lot like that!!!!   Fun! FRIENDS!!!  Thanks, Mary! I love my treats and hope you will enjoy all yours as well.   Thanks, too, for Khris for sponsoring and organizing this swap!   


  1. Glad you enjoyed them, I really enjoyed what you sent me also!! Thanks you!!

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  3. Lovely goodies there girls...well done to you both...hugs Khris

  4. Thanks for hosting the swap, Khris! such fun! and Mary has pics on her blog: too!
    Loving all my goodies!

  5. Is it too late to do the swap?


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