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Author Interview with Amanda Tru

Kindle/Nook giveaway of Baggage Claim

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I'm thrilled that Amanda Tru has agreed to an interview here on my blog today and she is graciously giving a copy of Baggage Claim on kindle or nook to a lucky reader.    Please check out her books if you haven't already done so, as this new author is amazingly talented!   
  • Tell us about yourself, Amanda.   
I have always loved writing.  I think I wrote my first ‘chapter book’ when I was about 13.  I took writing classes in college, but got my degree in Elementary Education.  I loved being an Elementary teacher, but when I had my children, I decided to stay home and enjoy them while they were young.  About a year ago, my husband hurt his back and wasn’t able to work.  At the same time, some writing possibilities and opportunities came my way.  Fueled by my dream of writing and more than a little panic about my husband and our future, I wrote ‘Baggage Claim’ in about six weeks.  Since that time, my husband has had two back surgeries and was able to return to work, and I have released four other books in addition to ‘Baggage Claim.’  I guess this was yet another lesson that God has a plan and can bring something good out of even the worst, stressful situations.
  • How do you find time to write with two little boys?
I actually just had my third little boy at the beginning of August!  And the short answer is that I don’t find time to write with them around! J  Trust me, I’m not some wonder-mom!  Ninety percent of my writing is done after my kids are in bed.  I don’t work on it while they’re awake and wanting my attention.  The difficult part is that my boys are notoriously bad sleepers.  They wake up a lot and have never slept as much as other kids their age.  That makes for one sleep-deprived mommy!  Sometimes it amazes me that my writing actually makes sense.  I work on it typically until I start dreaming mid-sentence; then I know it’s time to go to bed.  Sometimes if I get close to being done with a book, my mom or my husband will take care of the kids for a day while I finish up.  But really, the only way I’m able to write or finish anything is my own sheer stubbornness—which can be both good and bad.
  • Your main female character in Baggage Claim is quite a sharp-shooter and self-defense expert.  Are you able to shoot and use self-defense tactics also or did you research those aspects of the book?
I typically do a lot of research for my books.  For instance, ‘Baggage Claim’ is set in New York, yet I’ve never actually been there.  So I meticulously researched everything, making sure all of the events were accurately placed in the best locations.  I poured over maps and researched the different Burroughs to figure out where a large warehouse would be most likely located and even what route a helicopter would take. 

As far as the technical aspects of the book, I am very blessed to have my dad be my technical advisor. He is a ninth degree black belt and teaches karate around the country.  He has also taught firearms and close combat to various government agencies.  He also happens to be a computer geek and very knowledgeable of current technology.  His resume is so impressive it's unbelievable, and added to all this, he is a fount of sometimes bizarre facts.  There isn't really a topic that he doesn't know something about.  I wrote or changed many of the details in the book to be more accurate based on his recommendation.  He helped me choreograph all of the fight scenes and make all of the technical aspects accurate.  Imagine asking your dad, 'Now how would I get out of a hold if someone had a gun to my head.'  And then have him actually have the answer and show you how to do it! 

I did learn some karate from him while growing up, so I do have a basic knowledge.  But I have never in my life shot a gun, though that might change if my dad has anything to say about it.  He keeps saying he wants to teach me how to shoot. 

  • I understand you were an elementary school teacher.  I taught elementary and middle school for 14 years myself and certainly miss my students.  What, if anything, do you miss about your teaching?
I miss the teaching part of teaching.  I know that sounds funny, but a teacher has to do a lot more than just teach.  I loved developing a lesson and seeing the light bulbs go off as students finally understood.  I really liked the creative aspects of teaching, and I loved getting to be an important part of my students’ lives.  It was very difficult for me when I first decided to stay home.  Being a teacher was never what I did; it was more of who I was.  It was a big part of my identity and in many ways still is.  I still think of myself as a teacher and probably always will.

  • How did you research the details of Homeland Security?  It was so accurate.  I was fascinated and felt that I was actually participating in the action !
My dad was my major source for these details as well.  Because of his experience and first-hand knowledge, he was able to check my facts on every little aspect.  Scary as it is, all of the details, including the fight scenes and the technology are accurate.  It also helps to have a good imagination!  I would often write a scene the way I pictured it in my mind, sometimes just making up details.  Then I would go over it with him, changing things if necessary.  Many times, I didn’t need to change anything at all.  Apparently, reality is quickly catching up with the wildest imagination.

  • Thank you for sharing with us and for offering a giveaway of Baggage Claim to my readers.  Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?
I wrote the three books in this series in a story arc style.  You really have to read all three to really get the full story.  Although each book is a complete story in itself, events in books Two and Three are closely tied to book One, and the characters develop throughout the series.  It was definitely challenging to manage such a complex plot, but it was also a lot of fun to make this series so exciting.  I like to throw in a lot of twists and turns and surprise readers when at all possible!

I can be contacted on Facebook or through my blog  I love hearing from readers!!!

 Thank you so much, Amanda Tru, for sharing with us!  


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