"Champion" Book Review


by Craig Johnson

Book Description:

Even on your worst day, you may become someone else’s best hope.

When Pastor Craig and Samantha Johnson moved to Houston to take a position at Lakewood Church, they thought they had it made. Two kids, a great job, a beautiful home, and a solid plan for the future. Their dream, however, was interrupted by the unplanned arrival of a third child, Connor.

Connor grew to become a normal, healthy toddler. When he turned two, however, something changed. He stopped talking, displayed behavioral problems, and was no longer the cheerful, engaged little boy they had known. No one seemed to have answers until the official diagnosis was handed down—autism.  

Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds—a child who could not speak or respond with emotion—the Johnsons were filled with unanswered questions and deep sorrow. God quietly spoke to Craig’s heart, telling him Connor’s story would one day touch the lives of thousands of people around the globe. Craig and Samantha held that unlikely promise in their hearts during the years ahead. They accepted the diagnosis, but refused to believe their story was over. God was not finished with the Johnson family.

The Johnsons resolved to love their son with everything they had, no matter what. While Samantha watched over Connor’s daily needs, Craig began to search the Scriptures for promises from God, Bible verses they could all cling to. They made sure Connor did not miss Pastor Joel Osteen’s Sunday morning services and, over time, Craig and Samantha developed a long list of positive verses designed to instill a daily dose of faith, hope, and love into their family.

Then, one day, a miracle occurred.

Connor spoke.

Instantly flooded with a variety of emotions, the Johnsons rejoiced. Their boy could talk. And not only talk but perform a perfect recitation of Pastor Joel Osteen’s opening affirmation: “This is my Bible, I am what it says I am . . .”

Today Connor is a vibrant young man, and his family’s faith-filled response to his diagnosis has launched a worldwide wave of support and attention for special needs children of all stripes. Connor’s life has truly touched the world.

Written with transparency and humor, Our Champion will inspire those in the middle of an unexpected trial to rise up and become someone’s champion.

Book Review:  Have the tissue box handy when you read this book.  This book will have you crying.  The honesty and transparency make little Connor feel like he's your own brother.   And then a miracle occurs and hope is renewed.   This book will fill you with hope, and surety of your own self.  
       I am rating this book 5 *****stars and I highly recommend it to those who enjoy Christian stories.   
       I received a copy of this book  from netgalley and Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. 

About The Author:

Craig Johnson

Author of "Lead Vertically(2011)" “Champion(2018)”

Craig is currently the Director of Ministries at Lakewood Church, overseeing all pastoral ministries and staff. Craig speaks at churches and organizations across the nation to bring hope and awareness to those with special needs and the forgotten generations. In 2009, Craig launched the "Champions Club," a state of the art facility for over 200 special needs kids that features a physical therapy room, sensory room, spiritual therapy room and an educational room. Craig is an advocate for special needs kids & families. Craig has launched a new website champions club.org, and is the co-creator of Champions Curriculum for special needs the first of it's kind full scope christian curriculum for special needs. He is the creator of many programming tools for families and the author of a leadership book called "Lead Vertically: Inspire People to Volunteer / Build Great Teams That Last." In Craig's latest book "Champion" he writes..."You can't get to the happily ever after unless you are willing to fight for the here and now. There is an amazing Destiny in your future!" 


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