Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"The Angel Answer Book" Book review

The Angel Answer Book 

by Robert J. Morgan


Uncover the mystery of angels and their roles in our lives!

Angels have been present since the beginning of time, yet we’re filled with more intrigue and myth than with facts about these heavenly creatures. In this practical Q&A format, bestselling author and pastor Robert J. Morgan uncovers the mystery of angels—in the teachings of the Bible, in their role in relation to Christ, how they impact Christian beliefs, and in personal accounts of our present-day lives. This is an up close and revealing look at what angels do for us as they carry out their purpose in God’s overall plan for His kingdom. 

MY REVIEW:  Even people who don't profess to be religious or spiritual will acknowledge the presence of angels or will say that someone who has died is now an "angel".  This book is one of the best and most informative books I've read about angels.  Angels were not always in heaven with God. He created them when He began his work of creation and Satan along with his followers did not get removed from heaven by God until sometime in the first three chapters of Genesis.   Satan first appears in the Garden of Eden in chapter 3 of Genesis, so we know that Satan attempted to take over and become God sometime before that point and the creation.

         Robert J. Morgan uses scripture verses and personal stories where possible to examine and explain the existence and purposes of angels.  The book examines both a presence of angels who work toward good, those who delve out punishment and judgement and the fallen angels.   So many of the verses used were given new meaning for me.  I saw them in a new light and understanding.  I highly recommend this book to those who are simply curious as well as the more serious seeker and those who wish to use it for reference.  It would be very helpful to anyone teaching on the subject.  The one addition I would like to see would be artwork or photographs.  
        I rate this book 5 stars.   I received an ebook of this work of non-fiction from netgalley and the publishers..  I was not required to give a review but I was encouraged to do so.  It is my pleasure to provide this book review and all opinions expressed are mine.

About the Author:
Robert J. Morgan

Robert J. Morgan is the teaching pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served for 35 years.  He is a best-selling and Gold-Medallion winning writer with more than 35 books in print and more than 4 million copies in circulation in multiple languages.  He is a writer for Dr. David Jeremiah and Turning Points Magazine, and has many articles published in other leading Christian periodicals.  He is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Rob has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows.
He and his wife Katrina have three daughters and fourteen grandchildren.  He is also co-owner of Roan Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Roan Mountain, Tennessee (roanmountainbedandbreakfast.com). In 2014, Rob was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from his alma mater, Columbia International University.  Visit his website at http://www.robertjmorgan.com/

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