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5-Star Review of "Healing of the Heart" & Giveaway

Review of Healing of the Heart

(Secrets on Sterling Street #3)

by Loree Lough


Ruby McCoy is haunted by her father's sins....When Ruby McCoy arrives in Fairplay, her ornate carriage is followed by an entourage who heft steamer trunks, hatboxes, and traveling bags into the hotel?  where she has booked the entire second floor.   Upon her notorious gangster father's death, the now-wealthy Ruby, hiding under her mother's maiden name, set out to right her father's wrongs.  Ruby is determined to spend every penny of the inherited "blood money" on those who paid the price for her father's crimes. Sheriff Rex Truett doesn't trust Ruby and doesn't care who knows it.  The keeper of Fairplay's law and order makes it his business to find out why a stranger; especially a beautiful, spoiled, rich, female stranger; would set up businesses, donate to schools, hire workmen to rebuild houses, and provide access to the best medical care.  But when a typhoid epidemic sweeps through the city, he is forced to reconsider.  Will Rex blame Ruby for her father's sins?   Or will he accept the possibility that she is trying to create; and feel; the peace her father stole? 

MY REVIEW:  Ruby feels tremendous guilt and responsibility for the crimes her father committed on so many innocent lives, and she feels that she needs to repay all those innocent people.  How can one young woman ever repay people for such incredible losses?  And she plans to do it in secret.  They will never know her true identity as she plans to use her mother's maiden name.  Her mother intends for Ruby to be adorned at all times so that she can catch her dream man and start a family.  She is well on her way to completing her mission when they finally arrive in the final town of Fairplay, Colorado.  She and her mother have also found a town where they feel they can permanently live, but there's a sheriff in town and while Ruby finds him quite attractive, he finds her quite suspicious.   He is harboring his own secrets, and is busy with his own responsibilities but that doesn't stop him from his mistrust of Ruby.  What will come of Ruby and Rex's interactions?  Can they both live cordially in the same town?  Readers must read the book to discover answers to these questions and more.
         I love historical fiction and Loree Lough has mastered the art of capturing the old world charm and danger of the 1800's. I have a fascination with this time period and simply cannot imagine having a "Old West Robber" for a father.  I definitely cannot imagine my father being hung in a tree for his crimes.  I most definitely cannot imagine inheriting all that "dirty money" but I do see the desire to "donate" the money by doing good in the places where my father created such loss and fear.  Ruby is a character I greatly admired as I read the book due to her exemplary character and goodness.   I felt as if I were traveling along with Ruby as she sought to correct the wrongs of her father.   This book is the third in a series and while I have not read the previous two books in the series, I was able to follow along and did not notice information missing that was important to my comprehension of the story.  I would love to read the entire series now though.  
        I rated this book 5 stars and highly recommend it to readers of historical fiction.
*I received this book as a gift from Celebrate Lit and the author.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.*


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About the Author:

Loree Lough

With 107 books (more than 6,000,000 copies in circulation!), best-selling author Loree Lough's writing style has been compared to Nicholas Sparks and Mary Jo Putney; readers and reviewers call her “a gifted writer whose stories touch hearts and change lives.”

With a long list of industry awards, it isn't likely this prolific author will ever retire...not even to her cozy li'l cabin in the Allegheny Mountains. She loves to hear from her readers and personally answers every letter sent to

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  1. Thanks for the review! I love this series and will have to snag a copy if I don't win.

  2. Nice review, thanks! I personally love this book, Loree, and the whole series.
    Bless you,
    Cathy Hickling, Whitaker House publicist

  3. Great review! Looks like something I'd enjoy reading.

  4. Sorry, forgot to add my email address: linda(dot)maendel(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. I would like to read any/all of these books!

  6. Thank you for posting. I love meeting new authors.


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