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4-Star Review of "My Mother's Quilts"

Review of My Mother's Quilts: Devotions of Love, Legacy, Family and Faith

by Ramona Richards


Inspired by thirty family heirloom quilts, each devotion shares the enduring legacy of faith, family and tradition in our lives.
Rich, personal, sometimes heartbreaking, often funny, readers will find their own lives reflected in the author's memories and the lessons and encouragements drawn from the quilters whose legacy lives on in their work. Woven through it all is the message of God's grace and faithfulness, as strong as the bonds of the generations and as comforting as the oldest and softest quilt that your grandmother ever sewed. Beautiful, four-color photos of each quilt are included.

MY REVIEW:   I am only an amateur quilter but it certainly gives a great deal of satisfaction to sew tiny stitches and piece beautiful fabric and patterns together to form a work of love, a work of love which can warm both the body and the heart.   I made a quilt for my oldest daughter for Christmas this past year as she always loved a quilt that friends had made for us while we were in seminary and it needed repairs that I didn't think I could handle to continue being used.   So I made a new one for her.   Ramona Richards uses quilts that her mother and grandmother made to share beautiful stories of love, faith, and trust.   Each story includes a Bible verse and a prayer.   I love the heartfelt stories of the handpieced and machine sewn quilts made by women with great love intended.   Sometimes grief and sadness were melted away along with the stitches.   The work of quilting seemed to bring healing to both the quilter and the receiver of the quilt in many of the cases shared.   The pictures and colors are captivating and memorable.  Readers may well be inspired to create their own attempt at quilting after reading these delightful memories.    I felt like this book would be a nice accompaniment to a devotional time.   
I rated this book 4 stars and highly recommend it to readers.  
I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:
Ramona Richards

I started making stuff up at 3, writing it down at 7, and selling it at 18. I've written 10 books. My Mother's Quilts, a devotional based on the quilts I inherited from my mother, is my latest. Memory of Murder, from Love Inspired is the latest novel. 

I'm also an editor, with more than 400 publications to my credit. My specialty is fiction, although I've also worked on CD-ROMs, magazines, non-fiction, children’s books, Bibles, and study guides. Lot of publishers have helped my bottom line, such as Thomas Nelson, Barbour, Howard, Harlequin, Ideals, etc.

And, as I say on Twitter (@RamonaRichards), I'm Rachel's mom. Music nut. Film buff. Lifelong geek. Former Bible editor. Usually a fun person to eat a burger with. And I love living in the ongoing street party that is Nashville. 
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  1. I don't know what it is about quilts, perhaps that they represent warmth, love, home, skill... but I love books with a quilt theme. Thanks for introducing me to another 'quilt book'.


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