5-Star Review of "Mystery Rider"

Review of Mystery Rider

(Horses and Friends #3)

by Miralee Ferrell


In the third installment in the Horses and Friends series, thirteen-year-old Kate Ferris already has one problem. Snooty, well-to-do Melissa is boarding her horse at Kate’s family stable. When Melissa suddenly turns nice, Kate is shocked ... and suspicious.

The last thing she needs is more trouble. So when a hooded rider appears—and then disappears—on a stunning black horse outside her home, Kate isn’t sure if Melissa is playing a trick or something more dangerous is going on. Either way, Kate and her friends will need an extra measure of faith and courage to solve this mystery.

MY REVIEW:   This third installment in the Horses and Friends series is sure to please both young readers and adults.   I think that horse lovers and mystery lovers, in particular, will find much in this one to hold their attention and keep their interest!   Kate and her friends see a "mystery rider" on a beautiful, black horse who only rides at night and with a hood covering the face.   They are determined to solve the mystery of the horse and rider but first they have to find them.   
       Melissa has now joined their little group and since she used to treat Kate badly, Kate does not trust her and wonders why she is being so nice to them now.   Does she want something?  Is the "mystery rider" a trick Melissa and her old rich friends are pulling?  
Read the book to find all these answers and many other surprises.
       I rate this book 5 stars and think other readers will love it as I did.
       I received a kindle version of this book from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:
Miralee Ferrell

Miralee Ferrell and her husband, Allen, live on eleven acres in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in southern Washington State, where they love to garden, play with their dogs, take walks, and go sailing. She is also able to combine two other passions—horseback riding and spending time with her grown children—since her married daughter lives nearby, and they often ride together on the wooded trails near their home. 

Ironically, Miralee, now the author of eight books, with many more on the way, never had a burning desire to write—at least more than her own memoirs for her children. So she was shocked when God called her to start writing after she turned fifty. To Miralee, writing is a ministry that she hopes will impact hearts, and she anticipates how God will use each of her books to bless and change lives.


  1. Thanks so much for your review, Rhonda! I truly appreciate your time and interest.


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