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Review of "Hannah's Courtship"

Review of Hannah's Courtship

by Emma Miller 


Second Chance At Love  
Amish widow Hannah Yoder never intended to marry again. Yet when her friendship with veterinarian Albert Hartman begins to bloom into something more, Hannah wonders if perhaps she's finally ready for a new love. Albert waited his whole life to find the right woman, only to realize Hannah was there all along. But there's more than their friendship to consider. Albert is a Mennonite, born-and-bred, and Hannah cannot�will not�leave her Amish faith, not even for him. Does Albert have the courage to give up his modern life for Hannah…and will Hannah have the courage to let him? 
Hannah's Daughters: Seeking love, family  and faith in Amish country
MY REVIEW OF Hannah's Courtship:   Where has the time gone?  Only yesterday, I was a young woman with a husband and seven beautiful children, and today, I'm widowed and nearly fifty.   In another month, there would only be her youngest daughter, Susanna, and her foster son, Irwin, left to share the big farmhouse. 
Being 52 years old myself, this book seems even more personal and meaningful to me.  I remarried at age 44 to a man 9 years older than myself; we didn't have a huge faith issue as Hannah and Albert do.   Hannah is Amish and Albert is Mennonite and works as the local   veterinarian.  He drives a truck and has electricity in his home, all "no-no's" for the Amish according to the Ordnung.  If Hannah leaves her faith, she will be shunned as she has formerly joined the Amish church.   They certainly seem to have some insurmountable problems, but they are in love, pure and simple.  What can they do????  The book also addresses the adult special needs daughter of Hannah:  Susanna.  Susanna is also in love with another special needs Amish young man.   They want to marry and Hannah feels it is an impossibility.   Is it?   With God, all things are possible.   Maybe love can bloom for several people in the story, if they will only open their hearts and minds to the possibilities and hopes for the future instead of looking at the problems and negatives.  Finding another partner later in life has been important to my husband and I.  We both were lonely and God prepared a loving relationship for us together.   I rate this book 5 stars and highly recommend it to readers.   
I received a free pdf version of netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
About the Author:
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Emma Miller is a wife, mother and a grandmother who lives a quiet life in Delaware. She's the author of the Hannah's Daughter's series and is at work on her next Amish romance novel.

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