Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review of "From The Heart"

Review of From the Heart: Volume One

An Inspirational Collection of Essays, Poems, and Thoughts on Nurturing Our Inner Child

Edited by Crystal Linn

From the Heart is an inspirational collection of essays, poems and thoughts on nurturing our inner child. It offers a little something for everyone, from a good mental cup of tea, to discussing the importance of play, to a serene sailboat with orcas. 

My Review:  A Sailor's Haiku

Sun kisses my cheek,
Wind gently ruffles my hair,
Serene, my life now.

This is one of many poems, essays, and thoughts readers will find in From the Heart which is truly written for the inner child within each of us.   I particularly love the idea of taking a tea party in to a resident of a nursing home as a special treat.   I know I have witnessed many who grieve greatly when they are forced to enter a nursing home and the pain they experience.   The importance of play and rest and true relaxation is stressed in this volume and ideas are given for many ways to accomplish this!   So grab some playdough, a puzzle, some bubbles, or a tea set and have a blast today!  This is a short, quick read and can be read in one sitting or used as a daily devotional reading.   4 Stars ****
I was given a  kindle copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.  

About the Author:
Crystal lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family, her Manchester Terrier, Rosa, and one beta fish.

She enjoys reading a good mystery, writing poetry, and sailing with family and friends


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