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Review of "He Who Has An Ear"

Review of He Who Has An Ear

 Who The Seven Churches of Revelation are Today

by Laura J. Davis


More than two thousand years ago the Apostle John had a vision he received from the Lord. He was told to write seven letters to the churches of Asia Minor. Out of the seven churches only two received commendation from the Lord. The rest were letters of warning. The letters to the seven churches are a message for this generation during these last days. He who has an ear will know what to do and act accordingly.

My Review:   This is a great resource for those who are interested in further Bible study and especially for pastors, Bible scholars, and professors.  I feel that this book would make a very nice small group study.    Laura Davis has provided in depth analysis of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation.  I really like the bulleted lists included for each of the chapters and the questions addressed for the churches:  Some of these questions addressed:
  • What did Jesus like about the church in Ephesus?..... in Sardis?
  • What did Jesus hold against them?
  • What did Jesus tell them to do?
  • What would happen if they didn't repent?
  • What did the Lord promise them?
  • What did Jesus know about the church in Sardis?
  • What would happen to them if they did not obey?  (Sardis)
  • What did He promise those who repented? (Sardis)
  • What did Jesus know about the church of Philadelphia?
  • What did Jesus like about them?  (Philadelphia)
  • What did Jesus dislike about them? (Philadelphia)
  • What encouragement did Jesus give them?  (Philadelphia)
  • What did He advise them to do? (Philadelphia)
  • What did He promise those who were victorious? (Philadelphia)
  • What is the key of David?  What does it represent? (Philadelphia)
The Rapture is discussed in depth and many of the theories concerning it. The attributes of Jesus are also discussed and analyzed in depth.  Thought is given to "Which church are you?"   This section allows us to examine our own hearts and test our true loyalty to God.  The "Wolves" of today are identified and discussed.  The wolves are considered to be today's false prophets, doctrines, and churches.    I am not sure that I completely agree with each of the wolves identified and named, but I do see the accuracy of many of the doctrines identified.   Finally the book addresses how readers can get back to the basics of loving God with all their hearts.   I personally believe that we are living very near the end times and the return of Jesus Christ is very close.   That is why I chose to read and review this book.   
I was given a free copy of this book from The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review.   

About the Author:
Laura J. Davis

A singer and songwriter for over 25 years, Laura J. Davis turned her hand to writing full-time after an emergency surgery cuased the loss of her singing voice.  her debut novel, Come to Me, received a Reader's Favorite Award for Historical Fiction.  Her latest book, a Bible study called Learning from the Master, Living a Surrendered Life is a companion guide to Come to Me.  When she isn't writing, Laura is reviewing books and blogging.   You can touch base with her through her websites at: or


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  2. It's nice to see a Christian author amidst the list. This book looks really interesting and especially so since Revelation is my favourite book of the Bible :) Thanks for the review!


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